The Thundering Herd Market

Wyrmrest Accord
The Thundering Market will be drop shocking to Thunder bluff soon!

April 25th, at 7PM server time.
We are still trying to make sure the goblin drop pods are safe...
The Thundering Herd Market is this month on the 25! WOOOOOO!
Though... We're still working on the drop pods...
Okay everyone, time is running short for those of you who wish to set up a stall! The Shadowhoof recently made their way back from the Moon Dance and are now readying their wares and packing the kodos for the caravans to march across the mountains to Thunderbluff!

Remember, these markets are what fund our big events and help the guild to continue its goal to bring more tauren lore events to your face! Donations are always accepted with gratitude and lovely moo dances. x3
Here we go! There are only 4 more days till the market! We have vendors, security guards, and we also have a spirit guide doing fortune telling! Please send a message to Kurshaw if you want to be a part of the event and sell goods! We like more vendors! This event is going to be pretty fantastic!
*headbutts the thread back to page one*

I mean... looking forward to more tauren RP awesomeness.
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Keep this up there, We want to see everyone turn out to this!!!!!
Dawn will be selling fatty sweets! <3
Alrighty! We have our Moos ready with their designated tasks!

Kurshaw - Host: She will be gathering folks together in 15 minute increments to walk around the market grounds and explain where everything is!

Kunura - First Aid/Security: This is your protection from thieves and pickpockets! She is going to be walking around the grounds making sure everyone is feeling okay. If you need health potions or bandages, this is your moo.

Kokoni - Security/Healing: This is your other protector for the night. More subtle and watchful, she will be in charge of keeping an eye out for dark magics and trouble makers who are looking to stir up trouble. She is also available to grant a blessing or two.

Granu - Barker: Certified to announce the location and get folks ready to spend their coin, he will be your map marker if you are looking for a specific item.

Vendors: Your goto for spending money. Don't forget to haggle and barter!
Dawnsky - Sweets
Wachiwii - Potions/Elixirs/Flasks (Fortune Teller)
Aktaro - Drinks and Banquets
Azriell - Inks/Inscription
Machik - Fireworks
The Matriarch walked around the bluffs, each step accented by a heavy thump and jingle from her staff. The weather was clear and a soft breeze kept everyone comfortable in the high altitudes. It was a lazy afternoon.

The two avian escorts ruffled behind the Cheiftess, each chirping to one another in conversation. The Shadowhoof were visiting for their market, hosted only once every three months it was something of an exciting affair. Though for now vendors were still setting up and most of the excitement was dulled due to the time.

"Matriarch!" Kurshaw flicked an ear before she turned to a younger bull running up to greet her. "I'm glad I caught you. The final caravan has arrived from Feralas. Everything you requested has arrived safely, and we are ready to start..."

"Very well. Tell the barkers it's time to get to work..." With that, the Chieftess gave a whistle to her guardians and they took off over the cliffs to watch the market.


Only a few hours to go! The event starts at 7pm server time, but since I am home early I will be barking and walking around to roleplay with folks an hour to two hours early! If you have been waiting to talk to the Matriarch of the Shadowhoof, today will be you best shot before we leave for Feralas once more!
Wonders if she can disguise herself to sneak into the markets...having such a fondness for sweets
What a success! The market was a blast! Thank you for everyone coming out and buying from our vendors! A special thank you to those who donated to our coffers and everyone who roleplayed with us tonight!

We saw new faces and a lot of old faces as well! The guild had a blast, and we are thinking of upping the number of markets we host each year and will be doing this every other month for now!
These events are always a great time. The more, the better.
The tribe was in a bustle since the Moon Celebration. The days were spent gathering supplies and waiting on the satellite camps to make their way into Mulgore. Skyguard were dispatched to make sure that every Shadowhoof Caravan arrived safely. The growth the Shadowhoof had seen in the past few moons was enough to make the Matriarch wonder.

She looked to an elder that was making his way up to see her. "Haha, you still have a way of sneaking up on me, don't you old bull? Still as shadowy as ever..."

The old Chieftain smirked, taking his staff he bopped the Matriarch's muzzle. "And you are still an upstart hooligan. Now then, the tribe is gathering and we are about to head into Thunderbluff to trade for supplies. We need a few to make camp for the coming weeks. Will you be coming along?"

Kurshaw snickered and shook her head, "No, but tell Pala that the orphans are doing fine within the tribe. I know she worries about them... Take Sister Dawnsky with you..."


Oh my gosh gaiz! Only a few more weeks!
Matron Dawnsky to the rescue!
Consider this, in less than 10 days we will be flooding Thunderbluff with goods! I have crafters and gatherers at the ready! We have stock piled enough goods to make your head spin!

Come see what we have to offer, and get some quality RP as well! You know you want to spend that gold somewhere! Come spend it in the Shadowhoof's Market! If you know what you will be looking for, send an order to Kurshaw in-game! We can work out a price and have it already packaged for you and ready to go come the market!

July 22nd is coming up on us fast! Don't procrastinate!
I aproooove this.
Bumping for the market love! We at <The Wandering Lantern> host the Three Lanterns Market Ally side, we'd love to get in touch with you to maybe do some collaboration in the future or exchange some ideas. Hopefully this sounds interesting to you as well! If you would like to get in touch, please let us know! You can contact us through our website: or send my hordie Zaranissa an in-game mail if you are interested. Keep up the fantastic work! It's events like this that make the WrA community the best! I'm looking forward to visiting your market and possibly working with you in the future!

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