Ret vs Rank 7 Battletron Brawler's Guild

Just wondering if any other rets having issues with this guy or if you have killed him some tips ........... I open up on him on avg 120-140k and finish around 70-75k , Still cant get that enrage timer .
I try not to use WoFG but he hits like a truck ...I keep up DP every min same with
SS if all my GC are down .

you cant stop dps to heal and we have no passive healing ability without a dps loss. Just not sure how im going to get this guy
Yeah I had issues with this guy too. What I advise you to do is;

Get your Sacred Shield up and prepot before the pull obviously.

Start your rotation but do NOT pop your cds. Feel free to use ES though.

Pop your bubble and run through 2 of the mine things to get em to blow up when they activate.

Remember to be specced into Clemency and pop DP as often as possible.

Use your lock rock.

Keep doing your rotation until your pot and ES comes off cool down. Then do your GoAK, wings, pot etc and blow everything here.

By this point your forbearance CD should be off as well, so pop your LoH if you're low.

Obviously refresh Sacred Shield every time you've got dead time in your rotation.

If you're hitting the hard enrage still, then its a gear issue. Come back when you got a bigger sword or something.
Sounds legit! Ill try it ty

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