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I have been watching it the last few days, I very seldom see a plant grow without having something to fight, if I owned a real farm with all these problems I would have quit farming long time ago.
You pick the plants and have occupied soil, kill the vermin and plant something and have wiggling or allured to fight. I have not been able to do 16 plots and have 16 nonfights so far, out of the 32 possible chances ( 16 picking then 16 planting ) I average 20 or so fights.
It would not be bad if I only had to worry about insects or parched ( since Blizzard used the sprinkler and bug zappers as a Gold sink ) but having to kill over 12 Mobs and never see any Loot drop how sad. And the scarecrow they sell you, making you think you are getting something to help chase away birds is useless.
After you get Friends on the Farm or title Master of the Ways you would expect something to get easier instead of getting harder each time you do some farming.
I originally really enjoyed farming as well. I believe there are plenty of things that could be done to make it better. I would like to see the farm house be the same as an Inn where we can rest and even hearth too. I’ve given up on farming for now because of all the weed pulling, vermin and bird killing required every day. If farming in real life faced as many difficulties as farming in Azeroth, we would all starve. How many times do I need to bang my head on the table to figure out that there is something else less painful I should go do? I feel the same way about all the reputation dailies that are (not) required.
I would like to see the farm house be the same as an Inn where we can rest and even hearth too.

This is coming in 5.2
12/23/2012 05:07 AMPosted by Fugubar
I'm beginning to think my garden site used to be a toxic waste dump :(
LOL - I do too. I have 13 farmers (2-90s and 11-85+) and it took an hour and a half to finish up all their gardens. That's one 16 plot farm, one 8 plot and 11 4-plots.

Last weekend I got my second alt to 90 and in the next day or two he had the quest to get a second set of 4 plots. I think that's as far as he'll need to go. One day he will have all 16 plots available but I think all he'll work is 8. That's plenty enough grief.

As it is, the other 11 alts with their 4 plot farms make enough mats for cooking and selling on the AH. In the meantime, they get a little xp while waiting their turns to quest and save up all those gifts.

Fordragon Farms - fresh from our gardens to your kitchen!
My Suggestion:

I would like to (one day) be able to farm or harvest materials from old expansion on my MoP farm.

Say I don't want to farm Giant Egg with a low drop chance...How about I temporarily utilize 2 farm plots to put a "chicken" coop and farm 3-5 eggs a day?

This would allow me to stock up on old world items for achievements, catching up on professions on alts, or sell in AH for other like-minded people. Everyone knows how scarce old world crafting items are on the AH, and those that are...are expensive.

This could also be expanded with the small pond we have on the farm. We could seed the pond with various fish and instead of 'fishing' them out, perhaps a simpler netting option (farm raised after all).

This would be only for MoP and back, that way it has no impact on current content. It's only for previous expansion fulfillment.

As for the materials, let's say we'd have to farm the item first, then take it to the farm and plant/seed/domesticate it.


I'd also like to see those 'friends' we picked up from the tillers actually do something. Let's say the drunk Jinyu could fishing in the pond by increasing the fish yield...or have Fish Felreed could allow you to hold twice as many animals (for old world leather). Sho, being a fighter, could help out with the virmin spawns.

Right now the only benefit you get from befriending the tiller NPCs are one-time seed bags and other misc items.
I just wish they could fix the Cascade exploit at the farm first....
01/07/2013 07:19 AMPosted by Ðrake
I just wish they could fix the Cascade exploit at the farm first....

Got me excited that I could Cascade all the ground gerbils and brown birds, then realized you were talking about world PvP. Meh - suck it up and fight back like a farmer (hide in your own personal phase)!

An instruction manual for the yak. I can't ride it, it doesn't pull the plow, I'm not getting any yak milk for yak butter tea, and it's not even producing manure for the garden. Either I'm doing something wrong or my yak is defective.

The rest of the livestock seem broken too.

my ribs hurt now.
How about Yoon giving us a bounty on the virmin and birds? Could even be a high enough number to take a couple of days, but there would at least be some money for the repair bills.

Lots of good ideas. Like the one person pointed out most of the animals are actually shared so changing their actions would be hard and passive buffs would work.
Posted by Fugubar:

We don't need a rest point and mailbox so close to an existing set.

Phased to you alone! You haven't been ganked while trying to get or mail or sitting in the Inn, have you? The guards don't protect you up there.
You know what would be nice... getting meat off you farm, farm not just know for vegetables oh how I wish get some tasty crab and turtle meat and some lobster and... oh dear!

Sorry I think some I would be eating right now XD
I love my farm. I love that I have all of my best friends to help me with my farm. But wouldn't it be nice if...

You could jump onto Miss Fifi and stamp all the vermin out of your occupied soil.
Your dog would chase away the birds from your alluring veggies.
The chickens would lay eggs.
The pigs would...fertilize...a crop or two....

What dreams do you have?

While some of this has to do with tuning, we are considering some improvements to the farm and in this area. We might need to adjust the numbers a bit to reduce, say, Alluring over time. But we do want to make you feel that you need to tend to things regularly, even if you become more efficient in handling it. Though, perhaps we can consider allowing more crops to randomly grow without any obstacles or challenges, especially after you’ve proven your farming savvy.

Please... for the love of all that's holy... If my skill is maxed... my reputations are maxxed... I have proven my farming savvy... drop the rate of obstacles DRASTICALLY!!!... I'm so sick and tired of 100% of my crops having obstacles. COME ON!!!!... I know how to plant a crop!!!
You know what? Some garden gnomes would be nice.

Great idea, the hard part is disarming them, and tying them up to take back to the farm (Damn those things get heavy after a few kilometres)... and..oh, you mean ones that ARENT live?

Never mind then.
I would love it if the dog would chase vermin LOl I don't have everything upgraded so I don't have chickens and pigs but I look forward to improvements to the farm. Oh and the sheep should totally give wool!!! :D

I can only speak for myself here, but I don't mind going to the farm each day. The harvesting is fine, the plowing is fine, the planting is fine... it's all the fighting stuff after the planting that can be less than optimally fun.

This. Farming should be a peaceful activity. It shouldn't always involve killing half a dozen or more NPCs.

I have to agree...I could do with a few less things to fight. I dont mind watering and pullin weeds...but I wanna harvest plant and go sometimes and well..the other day out of 16 plants I had 4 alluring and like 3 wiggling. x.x

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