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12/19/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Vixie
All I've seen about the farmville in this game is complaints....hence why I stay as far away as possible from it. Seemed like a good idea at the time yet who ever executed it just did a piss poor job of it.

You haven't seen much then. People generally love and enjoy this feature. But it's been like 3 months since xpac and people are just making suggestions for improvement.

It's fine as is but it would be nice to get this or that and hope Blizz keeps the farming on the front burners because most players think it's one of the highlights of this great xpac.
You have no idea how sad that sounds.....farmville one of the highlights for this expac......makes me sad.
What Jema said!

I would love it if the seeds for the trees we can buy and plant actually could remain growing in our farm, not just disappear after a growing cycle. But, they would have to grow elsewhere in the property, I am not giving up three of my precious spots just to have good looking foliage.

Not sure about the chickens laying eggs - I would be happy if one did not keep dying! I think AoE spells from other phased out farms keeps killing one of mine.

I think that if one plant is parched or infested, it would make sense if the others in that same 8-section did as well.

And I am tired to the point of ready-to-give-up of wriggling plants, allured hawks and wild-so-they-need-to-be-wrestled-with plants. All these are unnecessary in the numbers we see them, especially when we get zip for vanquishing them. Yeah, we know, farms need care, attention, and work. But we should not need to fight for each seed plot, every time, and sometimes both before and after planting.
I'd be happy if my dog would just chase away the vermin. Seriously.

But as long as we're doing wishful thinking that in all likelihood won't happen, I'd like to be able to customize my farm; expand the house, make it bigger, change the architectural style, paint it, turn it into a mini-fortress and be able to hearth to it at will.
Ever invite Farmer Fung to help at your farm? He stands there and says how nice your fields look, partly because he's been weeding all morning.

Well, it'd be nice if there weren't 5 f'ing stubborn weeds in my field while he was talking.
Give us an item to buy from Gina that's like a pair of cowboy boots. We put them on and we can just punt virmen off the farm instead of having to fight them.

Why not? It would still take a bit of time and effort to deal with each virmen, just not as much. But, at exalted with Tillers, why shouldn't dealing with virmen take a bit less time? It's not like we didn't put in the time and effort. Best of all, dealing with virmen would go from annoying to fun and hilarious.

I definitely want more features for my farm, especially the ability to plant persistant trees and flowers around the site. The farm has the capacity to become a full blown side game like pet battles and I think that's a good thing to aspire towards. Variety keeps WoW fun.

I think if you just reduced the health drastically on the varmits and tentacles they would be more enjoyable. It's really a pain to take out pests when you are healing spec or utterly fail at being a boomkin.
A race-themed farm! Goblin style!
Water explosives for watering crops!
Pesticide explosives for pests!
Underground explosives for vermin
Mini AA guns for birds!
Mecha-arms for pulling out weeds and runty crops
And maybe just some Goblin-themed scenery......like explosives!
12/19/2012 01:03 PMPosted by Purrpledrank
You get a dog - it does nothing.

The dog says "Woof" when you bark at it.
Farming is still boring.
Give us engineer something to do!! Goblin engineer could make weed whacker that gets rid of all weeds and tentacles and Gnome could come up with some type of death roller that squishes all occupied soil and wiggling plants without harming the crop. Leave dead vermins to fertilize the crop ;)

New items would be BOE and starts one time quest that gets it permanently installed at the farm so you don't have to carry them (like plow, watering can, bug poison, etc)
I have to understand that when tilling my farm those tines do not destroy those pesky vermin or worse those body bruising wicked nasty vines, lol I have had as many as 10 for a full crop, 10 of those nasty evil things battering me to a black and blue mess.

Tilling should destroy anything under the tilled mounds, scarecrow should scare away those UN-alluring birds, the cat should eat any vermin that escape those wicked tines and the dog should grab anything the cat misses and shake them into OL while snapping their pesky necks.

But the vines, oh those aweful body beating, flesh bruising, skull cracking, limb fracturing, skin ripping vines, shudder:(

Despite all this I actually enjoy my farm, wait with anticipation of new features and yes, I do the following every day I visit my farm, I..

/love, /pet, /hug, /kiss my dog, love his reactions back at me
/pet my cat, oh she can be cantankerous hence I usually do not hug that cute feline
/pat my sheep
/pat my yak
/pat my cute chickens or now chicken, what did happen to the others I had at first
/pat, /pet my over sized Miss Fifi

I also water my crops at least twice once all planted without fail daily and I use my mailbox and since I no longer gain experience I log out in my own little single room home.
3. The Scarecrow we buy should be able to scare away the birds and our dog should help with the vermin. And I want to name my dog.
Much of this list, but especially this one - dog was a separate quest and seems ideal for vermin and the Scarecrow seems like it should scare away the Alluring birds but as near as I can tell does jack.
Definitely this too. No idea where this could go but at the VERY least max/overmax fishing skill (i.e. my 600 + hat + heat lure + pole = 780 or so) should make the casts always or nearly always hit the pool.
12/19/2012 04:57 PMPosted by Wain
The orange tree gift is also not very prominent, but would be really nice if it occasionally bore useful fruit of some sort.
Along the lines of the fruit trees in the Molten Front area.
I... I MISS bootarangs! D: Back to the OP though, while I'd prefer that the animals on the farm did more then look cool and fill us with fluffy warmness, perhaps another idea would be that the friends you invite to the farm could offer buffs?

One to remove the chance of vermin, one to remove birds, ect. Though I'd also like it if the chance for said nuisances to spawn decreased with your rep/experience as a farmer.
How about those nearly worthless Lion's LAnding credit thingies, allowing us to purchase/hire a farmer to do the faeming for us. Seriously, if we can hire a rogue, mage, priest to stand around and buff strangers, could we get one to till soil, plants seeds, and harvest crops?
I understand Blizzard's desire to require some effort in managing the farm so it doesn't just become a two-click item harvest. We need to remember that with the specialty plants, you can get more than just cooking mats and this does feed into the economy. Having to spend a little time is ok. That said:

1) At Exalted, please let me knock out Alluring or Wiggling prefix. They're redundant with each other and you already have a chance to have to kill virmin when you till the soil.

2) At Exalted, include a chance to have plants to straight to Growing without weeds, bugs, or birds. We should have demonstrated some farming skills by then to at least offer a chance at it.

3) Please increase the cd on Vine Smash ability, so it doesn't trigger while my counter is still on cd. I find it annoying to get smashed in the face while I'm spamming a button that's doing nothing.

4) Perhaps allow your Best Friend on the farm to remove the chance of one particular prefix from occurring while they are there. The only thing is I think you'd only see three of them ever picked: the ones that stop the tentacles, the birds, and the virmin.

I've seen a lot of other suggestions floating around, some good, some... well, not quite as good, but those first 3 are the main ones I really want to see for quality of life improvement.
You should be at least planting enigmatic seeds, Im getting between 5-7 golden lotus on each of my farms every day, harvest and profit. =)
OH and BTW.... you do NOT need to spam the bite while fighting the tentacles! You dont need it at all! Just spam the 1 key. The fight is maybe 5-10 seconds longer, but thats it.

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