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I've tried like 12 different things just now and I can't do it. Seems like all of their pieces come right up and attack my king (except their king, which stands way in back where my queen has to move 3 spaces to get in range. The best try I had was when I got his king to 31%. I tried just moving the rooks, just moving king and queen, only using bishop and queen, moving as many pieces as possible, just using queen (out of range), moving rook 1 square, moving rook 3 squares (which I couldn't because all his pieces were right there); I keybound everything so I could hit it as fast as possible, king is on fire every time. It also seems to look at what pieces I moved and set them all on fire; so of course that always includes the king while his king is way in back out of the way. I don't know what to do! I would love to get that mace from Prince.
Just did 4-5 attemps and finally accomplished it with this startagy, it takes speed and luck form the computer player of the other side but it's a really solid stratagy, after you move the pieces to the middle choose the necromancer and keep your king healed up while shadowballing the other king.
I just did this. I will admit that it took me about 30 tries, and none of the strategies are perfect. I still depends a lot on luck, but it can be soloed. For good measure, here are some things that worked for me:

1. Release king immediately. Don't bother with Hero, because it wears off quickly.
2. Every second counts in the beginning. Try to be concise with your moves.
3. Move the two pawns in front of king and queen first. Then move queen forward.
4. After 3 moves, he will use the fire. So, your next move should be to move your king forward as well.

After that, it is pretty much luck. When I finally completed it, my king was at 75% health. I didn't bother with the healers, because it seemed like he would always cheat right as I tried to heal my king. If you feel like you have the timing of his cheats right (seems like every 2-4 of my moves), you can go for a heal. Most of all, don't give up.

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