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05/10/2013 09:41 PMPosted by Euliat
I added that DW is a no no, but honestly you'd be surprised at how little it will make a difference. The people who ask if DW is viable generally do not read stickies. Lichloathe's guide (the one that was before mine) had it in his guide from the start, but that didn't stop the threads from popping up.

Needs to be in ALL CAPS, font size 72 (qq WoW forums), and double bold.

Then nobody will read it for sure.

Don't forget at the very top of the thread, making it the first thing you read.
I would not mind seeing DW tanking if it was made as another spec for Dk's. If they plan on doing an additional spec for each class it would be cool for Dk's to have a dw tank spec. But it should not be incorporated in to blood...

Make that spec more about reducing damage rather then healing it back or something or what ever. Chocolate cookies for everyone.
Let's keep the DW tanking discussions out of the sticky.
The tanking thread is about what is "practical" for tanking now. In particular is definitely not for things that employees of Blizzard (such as Greg "Gostcrawler" Street) have openly stated they "Will not support". Meaning that they will not be making patches or additions to the class so that you can dual wield as a Tank or Unholy. In fact if there is a point where it would some how become better than 2 handed? They would likely do something as drastic as take it away from all specs but Frost.
Sorry if this has been asked before, but what would you recommend opening with on a boss to generate maximum threat? I generally open with outbreak then death strike to a) get a blood shield going and b) generate threat followed by heart strikes/rune strikes.

I suppose another conceivable "opener" would be outbreak -> heart strike -> heart strike -> Horn of Winter -> Rune Strike in an attempt to save the DS for the inevitable damage.
Your best bet for burst threat is to use HoW right before the pull, followed by 2x Death Strike and then a either 1 or 2 heart strikes, depending on how many it takes to get 60 RP. Once you have 60, use glyphed DRW then pop ERW and dump heart strikes then a death strike and then it's standard rotation from then on.
DK Tanking Guide (5.3)*
good catch :)
A bit trouble on Horridon 10m heroic. On the fourth door, I got called out a few times because of adds getting aggroed on other people, I taunt and pull as much as I can and I end up running around like a chicken without its head. Any pointers and a good position to be in for when these adds spawn? I feel as soon as I get aggro, DoT the target, and taunted, it simply just goes right back to the person...
You've got the glyph of DRW equipped, so make sure you are using that. Try timing it around the 2nd set of balcony adds, as that's the hardest to pick up since 2 of them spawn far apart from each other. also don't be afraid to call for Misdirects from hunters when they spawn, as that will help immensely. Finally don't forget to pool runes if you need to. If there are only 2 adds out and you have decent aggro on both of them and there are adds about to spawn, don't dump all your runes and save them for when the new adds come for snap threat.
I do that, but my positioning was wrong apparently. Over vent, I hear of adds where the range are and my raid leader has aggro on the dinomancer (ret pally). Maybe the MD will help. My position is start in front of the door, and move to the right of it as the dinomancer drops, basically to try and be a wall for my healers. I do save runes, even pop that cd that gives you all your runes back, and all I hear is an add is here and there. All the complaining wasn't constructive, it just caused confusion... I wish I recorded my encounter for you to see.
I try to stand in the center of all the action. This means you're never much further than a short Death's Advance away from any adds. MD will definitely help, and if you manage to grab a recording that would help me see what's going on a bit better as well.
Ok. I'll try to get one the next time we run heroic Horridon =).
Soul was here!
Did anyone else notice since 5.3 hit Blood Boil procs, from Crimson Scourge, no longer generate runic power? Saw nothing on this in the patch notes- not sure if it was an intention or if it's a bug
That was an unintended bug they finally fixed. It is a small nerf, but it's not the end of the world.
All the complaining wasn't constructive, it just caused confusion...

That can be annoying. Have any of them tanked it on heroic or even normal? Do they have any idea how hectic it is?
Hey Reniat, Congrats on the Ra-Den Kill!
Just wondering if you are going to continue the earlier trend of Specific Encounter Guides?
Would be much appreciated.
Just wondering if you are going to continue the earlier trend of Specific Encounter Guides?
Would be much appreciated.

Things are kind of crazy for me right now, but I do fully intend to finish that.
Ok I know this has been addressed a few times with, But I have trouble holding treat off my co tank, (a monk). Now I understand they Stack crit, mastery, and haste. witch in turns grants them some really high dps. Now I use DRW on some fights and even using it followed by a DS two HS and two more RS. Im still having trouble holding threat. We are suppose to be moving into heroics this coming week and I am just trying to find out what else I can do to make it a little more easy.

As is stands now I have 180% mastery unbuffed. I have thought to try is the hit/exp build to see if this would help me hold threat better. And am looking to see if this is a viable way to build up my agro up. In some fights I have noticed that do to the way a monk midigates their damage taken He has gotten his veng over 130k while mine is close to around 40k, this being the case his auto attacks pull more threat then I can generate with the above rotation.

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