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Death Knight
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Liked and sticky requested.
It's best to find that email for the forum admin and see what they can do to swap the stickies.
email sent. Hopefully it happens soon.
Houston we have sticky.
I want a sticky.
write a "how to be Jäckßäuer - updated for 5.1" guide. instant sticky.
It's not something you just learn, you gotta be born with it baby.

That is, however, a wonderful idea. I'll get working on it ASAP (ASAP because I can't spell imediatley).
Don't forget to have it replaced each time you swap 55's.
I need some good add-ons to use for tanking. I am trying to get back into DK tanking and need all the help I can get. Any suggestions?
You'll need:

something to keep track of runes (DDR - DocsDebugRunes, magic runes, RuneHero, rune-it-all are all popular ones. I use weakauras)

something to keep track of your blood shield. (blood shield tracker is fantastic)

something to keep track of buffs on you as well as what cooldowns are available and when you get them back (needtoknow, tellmewhen. I use weakauras)
Given that Eye of the Black Prince is now obtainable the answer to this question is pretty clear, but for the sake of discussion; let's ignore that specific item.

There's a DK that runs with us who uses Screaming Tiger, Qiang's Unbreakable Polearm instead of Shin'ka, Execution of Dominion under the pretense that that mastery outweighs the loss of stats that axe offers. It seems to me that the stamina, parry and attack power would outweigh the seemingly trivial amounts of mastery. I know that as our gear gets better our parry levels start to get quite high so the parry loss might not be a bad thing, but is there any sort of discussion to be had about this? Is the spear just a good weapon to use until you get the axe? Is it our best weapon? Or is it just bad?
even the LFR version of the axe would be better. The only version of the polearm that's worth using is the heroic one, and that's still only until you can get the axe. That's not even counting any gems.

The 56 mastery is not better than the 116 stamina alone, before the massive amount of parry from strength.
Alright, then that leads into another question I have. How useful is parry beyond the 'DR cap' as it were? For example, my ideal parry is 16.8 but I currently have 19.94. Are those 3.1 points of parry basically wasted or are they just not as good as the initial 16.8 points?
Heres how DR works. The more avoidance you have, the less you get per point.

Ill give you an example with fake numbers.
let say you had 5 parry rating and it gave you 5%. If you got another 5 parry rating you wouldnt get as much, so you'd be at like 9%. you lost 1% due to DR since 5 parry gives you 5% and 10 parry gives you 95%.

now actual DR is MUCH smaller. even in the final tier of an expansion (when you have the most avoidance) you are generally losing only <1% to DR, so it's not a huge thing.

DR is seperate for dodge and parry, so if you had a lot more dodge than parry, you would get less % per point from more dodge than for parry, but they are both being diminished slightly.

The balancing macro found in the guide gives you the ideal %s you want to be at to minimize the affects of diminishing returns, but it's not like you are gimping yourself if you can't get close to that number, especially this early in the expansion.
Speaking of DR's. Had to point out to a warrior who thought his taunt missed on a mob. Taunt is like CC in that after the first taunt if the mob is taunted two more times within 15 seconds the mob will be immune to taunts for the remainder of it. This shouldn't happen often while tanking but for example if a hunter or lock pet has their taunt turned on. The MT pulls, the pet taunts, the MT taunts back another pet taunts? The mob will be stuck on that 3rd target until the mob is able to be taunted again. Taunts have not been able to miss since the Cata patch.
And one last thing; how important is hit in regards to Death Strike? I know we don't 'waste' runes on a missed attack, but is a missed death strike just something that happens or is it a big deal when we miss? Given that you outline hit and exp as more dps/threat stats than anything else I really don't think it's all that important.
Hit has no bearing on survival for death strike. Death Strike will always consume the runes when you use the ability because it will always heal. Even if your target dodges or parries the attack the death strike still heals and shields you. In other words hit has no importance for survival necessarily for death strike besides killing the mob faster.
So only the damage portion will miss while the heal and shield will never miss. (Barring perhaps fight mechanics)

Got it. Thanks!
FINALLY added HoF to the encounter specific section. Should have ToES done soon as well. I promise to try and have these out sooner next tier.
2 Targets or more
Apply double diseases with Outbreak immediately after using DRW, and use pestilence to spread both sets to all targets.
Reapply all sets with another pestilence before DRW falls off.

Do you have to use Pestilence, or can you Blood Boil(with Roiling Blood talent)?

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