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Death Knight
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It's nice but it's not huge. It's about a 4-6% single target buff. (napkin math I haven't simmed it yet)
I've noticed with your dodge/parry macros that the value has changed.

I originally copied/pasted it shortly after your guide went up, however after having to redo my macros I noticed that the values have dropped.

Pre-updating with my gear it said I need somewhere around 22% parry.
After updating it now says I only need 17% parry or so.

has there been a change somewhere that I missed reading about that caused the numbers to alter?
In his calc the numbers changed. And to be fair if I use the old macro to adjust my avoidance vs. the new version I lose in overall avoidance by at least 0.50 and closer to 0.60% or even .70. The new calcs are good.
I updated them when I discovered i had the wrong value for our parry cap. As tor said the new one will give you a better balance.
Yes the old calc would bring your parry and dodge ratings to about equal. The catch is that the DR doesn't quite work like that. You'll want a lot more dodge than your parry. So for example to get the macro as matched as I could it has me at;

10.53% Dodge (4,937 rating)
21.57% Parry (2,817 rating)

This is also probably not a perfect science. It has me as 32.1% but i wager I could get more by better balancing by hand.

Now adjusting my reforges just slightly I ended up at

10.54% Dodge (4,976 rating)
21.57% Parry (2,814 rating)

The macro states I need 21.58% parry but by not following the initial reforges I've now gained .01% avoidance.

p.s. the normal math would have me

10.54% * 2.598 - 5.797 = 21.58592

All this really states is the math is close but not perfect. It's tool to help you regardless.
Thanks! was just curious as to how the values appeared to change with nothing spoken of it in the thread that I could see.
yup i try to make my mistakes as quiet as possible XD
I posted this on EJ and i thought id post it here too. Ill include it in the tank dps section when I get some time.

DPS analysis for using DC instead of RS as a rune dump at high levels of AP after the recent RS buff.

RC's benefit := ppm*(.3*DS+.3*HS)
where RC's ppm is about 7.46 when using RS

and the gain of using DC instead of RS := .75*apm*DC-apm*RS, with apm = 16.6 (from patchwerk sim)

so to find the point at which the damage difference between DC and RS outweighs the loss of t5 talents through the higher RP cost of DC we set it up like this:

loss of t5 talents = damage of DC over whole fight - damage of RS over whole fight

Put in the numbers (and assuming an ilvl 517 shinka)

.25*(7.46*(.3*((19562+(x/14)*3.3)*1.15+681)*1.3*1.04*(1-.3209)+.3*((19562+(x/14)*3.3)*1.85+923)*1.04*(1-.3209))) = .75*16.6*(1133+.51*x)-16.6(((19562+(x/14)*3.3)*1.6)*1.04*(1-.3209))

solve that beast for x and you get x = 234.7k, meaning at AP levels above 234.7k it is a dps gain to use death coil as a your main runic power dump in place of rune strike for an ilvl 517 2h weapon.

Now lets look at it with Death Siphon involved:
RC's benefit := ppm*(.6*DSi+.3*HS)
everything else stays the same, including weapon ilvl.

.25*(7.46*(.3*((19562+(x/14)*3.3)*1.15+681)*1.3*1.04*(1-.3209)+.6*(7478+.34x))) = .75*16.6*(1133+.51*x)-16.6(((19562+(x/14)*3.3)*1.6)*1.04*(1-.3209))
solve for x and you get AP needed = 264.9k

so it's still a gain, just requiring a bit more AP.

It goes without saying that this is a survivability loss (slower Death Strike return from t5), so keep that in mind if you decide to use it in progression.

Here is the same math applied to different ilvl weapons:

ilvl 517 : 264.9k AP
ilvl 522 : 277.8k AP
ilvl 528 : 294.0k AP
ilvl 535 : 314.0k AP
ilvl 541 : 332.3k AP
Reniat do you know if there is a Blood Tap management add on? I currently use CLC DK but it has not be updated and quite some time and I can not set it up the way I want becuase some of the customization is cut off by the Size of spell check bar being to large for the screen any recommendation would be really appreciated
I just use Weak Auras. I use WA for EVERYTHING. Literally every addon you have can be replaced in some way with weak auras. There are a few things that could do through WA but just work better through something else, but like 80% of my UI is built through WA. To give you an idea of just how customizable WA is, I have a WA that puts an animated arthas pointing his sword at me with a chat bubble that says "GET YOUR FOOD!" if i dont have my food buff inside of a raid (but not when im outside a raid or if no one else in the raid has food)

Here is the BT tracker I built if you have WA:
first part:

second part:
Ooh, thanks Reniat. I was looking for some weakauras for Blood Tap.
Kudos for making them :D
Noticed a few days ago that you were using death siphon, not sure if you've used it in raiding (currently checking your logs to see if so)
If so, how do you feel it stands against death pact? is the cost worth the gain?
I basically see it as 2x death siphon for each death strike so maybe for high magic damage fights would we see a large healing gain?
I used it as well as Death Coil for Ji-kun progression, so i could still so damage while soaking pools that were out of melee range. I didn't use it as a replacement for Pact.
I don't if this has been mentioned or anything. But DRW also applies soul reaper as well. Thought it would be something to note as you can get pretty high soul reapers as blood because of you know vengeance and AP scaling.
DRW copies everything we do (including diseases), so yes soul reaper would be copied. I mentioned it in the old thread while MoP was still in beta, but that was a while back.
You should add a macro section if only for this one lifesaving macro

#showtooltip death pact
/cast vampiric blood
/cast death pact
/cast raise dead
/use Healthstone
/cast vampiric blood

can remove healthstone if you choose, but i have found on a fight where your purgatory procs this macro will get you back to near 100% unless it was a 1 shot several million damage hit, and even then with a LoH and normal heals you may still survive.
Honestly that's a bit overkill. You don't want to throw EVERYTHING at a purgatory proc, because then you come out of it with no cooldowns left, which can still kill you if you are in content that puts you at risk for purgatory in the first place. in general VB + DS is enough to get you out without blowing every CD you have as long as you are also getting external heals (plus the shield from the DS will help you survive the first hit out of purgatory). Remember you have a full 3 seconds for purgatory, and Death Pact is off the GCD, so if you VB + DS and you're still not out you will have time to DP should you need it. When it comes to cooldowns, overkill can kill. (but so can underkill, which is why being aware of your CDs and your situation so you know exactly what you need is important.)

Also keep in mind, unless you are 1-2 shot into purgatory and don't have time to react, one or both of the cooldowns in the macro should have been used to prevent purgatory in the first place.

It's a useful macro for many situations, but I don't want to encourage the idea of using too many CDs at once.
As a Full time DK Tank, I am looking for some insight into how other tanks find their DPS stacking up to other classes? I am also interested in threat generation comparisons?

With the latest patch I have found my DPS is not keeping up with other classes and my AoE Threat has also plummeted. Especially as dps gets better gear just spreading diseases and DnD no longer seems to do the trick?
basically what I've gathered from this is mastery is king - how far does that extend? to the point where you'd rather buy Spikeshard Greatcloak than Many-Layered Scalecloak ?
basically what I've gathered from this is mastery is king - how far does that extend? to the point where you'd rather buy Spikeshard Greatcloak than Many-Layered Scalecloak ?

Horridon offers a better cloak to optimize with hit and mastery

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