<A> Knights of Menethil: Potentially a Trap

Moon Guard
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I finally broke 10k in achievement points. My epeen feels all nice and shiny.
I want to spend achievement points or unlock things with them. Though, I should know better than to get hopeful for anything Blizzard says they're planning/thinking.
The flu is spreading around here big time. But it wasn't my fault I swear. I'm not unholy spec.
Think people've been wantin' somethin' along the lines dancing that Blizz was thinkin' about for awhile now...What was it...Oh yeah. Abyssal Maw raid.
Neptulon is chillin' with Turalyon, Alleria Windrunner, and Calia Menethil in the Plot Void. They're having a picnic.
They're all playin' cards in Koltira's cell.
Cheree kinda sorta half limped, half wandered into the thread. She staggered, a wrench in one hand, and a molotov in the other. "Science!" Was all she managed to say, before falling down in a fit of giggles.
*bumps with tail*
I've started to feel like writing again. A little.
Write a little! It's only two words! And seven letters.
Please write... *looks as puppy-dog pathetic as is possible for a mostly apathetic dead person*
Writing goood.

EDIT: Oops, posted on my orc by mistake. I really need to sit down and write some Ceri stories sometime.
O.O An Orc... *teleports*
The hell's a mage doing here? gb2dalaran.
*flails* Fine then, I will throw my own party! :P
I'm Dr. Zoidberg, the lovable tramp!

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