<A> Knights of Menethil: Potentially a Trap

Moon Guard
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I see no tauren.
*spins See and Say*

"The Draenei Goes '/waggle!'"
Greetings my fellow abominations. I figured I'd come and show you the Death Knight Tier 15 Set!!


It looks nice, but its nothing I would have Saria wear.
The shoulderpads move. o.o
01/17/2013 02:07 AMPosted by Sarîa
Greetings my fellow abominations

I need to finish leveling my DK... Mists gear is killer for deaders.

But I think I might make him a Worgen. Need more puppies. :T
After messing around with 2H and DW, I think the gulf between the two in terms of damage is vastly overstated. I've even seen some recent simcrafts where DW pulls a little ahead of 2H in T14 Heroic gear.

So yeah, I think the gap's been closed. Not sure how that'll change in 5.2, but DW is just more fun than 2H anyway IMO.

Also, yo soy el orco en un sombrero.
It could also be yo estoy. My Spanish is rusty so I forget which goes with what. >_>
My Spanish consists of about maybe....Ten, twenty words max.

More if I can count the numbers...
My spanish consits of "Heavy Wig".

Of all the time spent in that class all I got out of it wasn an inside joke.
I just hope to have enough in the chance I get stuck somewhere south of the border. Pleaso pointo Rojo back to his...Casa...?
01/17/2013 09:10 AMPosted by Ceriseth
The shoulderpads move. o.o
When I first saw the set, I started thinking about the Lickers from Resident Evil. :D
01/17/2013 07:46 PMPosted by Sarîa
Resident Evil

I heard after the last one those words were taboo...
01/17/2013 07:48 PMPosted by Redamous
Resident Evil

I heard after the last one those words were taboo...
Meh, I liked it.
I heard there was slacking going on around here. Ghoul pit duty for everyone! Get those toothbrushes back out!
Work, work... ._.
Welp. Just saw Zero Dark Thirty. I liked it, much more than I did The Hurt Locker, though it dragged on for a bit too long. Plot was also disjointed at times.

Now to watch Expendables 2 later this evenin'...

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