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Moon Guard
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Written in both pandaren script and common amongst several popular gathering areas, a hanging scroll decorated with a stamped seal of green ink in the shape of a crane nestled around a lotus flower as corded green rope hangs the scroll to the board.

Good people of the Alliance, the time is now to join together in harmony as the tides of war wreck our shores. The good Pandaren and our allies seek to unify our people under one banner with the Alliance in order to create order and peace amongst this weary world. The bells of Pandaria call for us to return home, and purify the land for our future generations.

The Lorewalkers may speak of our deeds, but that is not why we serve. We serve for family, for honor, and for our future. We are the Jade Guard, defenders of our people, our culture, and our friends. Together under the jade crane and the white lotus, we preserve our history, spread our culture, and defend what is truly worth fighting for.

Come Pandaren, come friends, and join under our banner so that our children may know a world without war, and build a better future for tomorrow.

Yulan Lotusbreeze
Founder of the Jade Guard
Guild Name: Jade Guard
Level & Faction: Level 25, Alliance
Guild Master: Kanayè
Current Officers: Tsulai, Sovadin, Nytella (non-Pandaren representative)
RP: Heavy
PvP: Casual
PvE: Casual
Website: http://jadeguard.enjin.com/
Please see the website for all updated information

About the Jade Guard

The Jade Guard is a heavy RP guild. Even though our main focus is on RP, we do not discourage players from raiding, leveling, PvPing, etc. There may be cases where the Jade Guard is called forth to participate in PvP events, so having a set of PvP gear is recommended.

There are two aspects to the Guard that believes will help aid in its growth.

The first aspect is the Shado-pan. This is the military part of the guild. They are aimed to protect the guild and others in order to bring peace back to Pandaria. It will be ranging from farmers to masters. Not one person will be left purposely left out.

The second aspect is for the players not inclined in military style RP. The Jade Guard does not eat and sleep military lifestyle. We open our doors for the farmer, cook, brewer, and other ways of life. It allows for daily RP, and events beyond war.

The Jade Guard will be looking to unify and end the strife in Pandaria. Master Kusonoki currently leads this effort with the help of his Council. Together they guide those willing to meet the final goal. When not battling against opposing forces, the Jade Guard look to creating events such as festivals, feasts, contests, and other such gatherings to help build relations.

Six Banners Volunteer Guard
(Limited until growth of the Pandaren populance increases)
The Six Banners is built with volunteers of any man or woman that wish to offer their expertise. These volunteers will be the non-Pandaren. They too will need to follow the Terms of Membership. Beyond a pledge to the cause there will be no other requirement needed.

How to Join

Please fill out the application provided on the website so we can better know you. Please give officers 24 hours to receive it. We have busy lives outside of the game and need time to process. If you do not hear back after this time, please whisper or send an in-game mail to give us notification that you sent one. You will either get an In Character interview then or after your application has been verified. We keep this information to help plan for future events.
Terms of Membership

All levels are welcome. We would like to make sure that everyone is aware that there will be some events where it will only encourage characters 85+.

We strive to be a Panda heavy guild. However, there may be an ambassador program in the future. We will try to keep everyone informed. And if you have questions please approach Master Kusonoki or anyone of the Council.

We will be allowing all classes except Death Knights. Please accept out most sincere apologies to those who are watching for our ambassador program and are Death Knights.

We understand there are issues that come up, but we ask those who join to be active in some form. New members under the two (2) week trial will be given two (2) weeks before being kicked. Regular members will be given a month before being kicked. If you are in the military or will be going on an extended hiatus, you can tell the Master or a Council member and we will make a note until your return.

Please have some sort of knowledge of the canon lore for Pandaria and the Pandaren. It helps with the building of your character, as well as, meshing with the rest of the RP world. Pandarens can be from the turtle or Pandaria. We do NOT accept Mary-Sues or the like.

Proper Grammar & Spelling
Please have proper grammar and spelling. We do NOT accept text slang, net speak, or anything else of the sort. Smilies in /say while in character are discouraged.

The player and the character are two separate entities. If something happens in character then it is suppose to be dealt with in character. It will be discouraged to tell another player how to play their character or tell them their character is "too mean" or "too annoying" and to cut it out. If the person is griefing or trolling then it will be brought to the attention of the Master or Council and then dealt with. There will also be no excessive ooc in the /say channel when RP is going on.

We encourage our members not to scare off other players. Guild chat is a PG-13 environment. Anything overly creepy may be asked to stop. This is just for the safety of everyone. Topics of religion, politics and other such things are preferred to be kept in whispers for the sake of sensitivity of the subject matter.

Respect not only those in your guild but those around you. For if you show respect then you are more likely to avoid drama. Remember, you where the tag of the Jade Guard, represent her well.


Ranks are for formality sake. Respect is highly valued (no matter the rank), but when in a casual setting it is up to each character individually. Ranks marked with "Shado-pan" will be what help in military/monastery settings. Should there be a special case concerning the Council (because it is a mixed rank) then the website will post the change. Anyone not interested in participating in the Shado-pan Monastery/military environment are welcome to just remain in the civilian rank. We will have a designated Council member to represent the civilians should there be a needed case.

Master (Shado-pan)
Held by Kusonoki Hasegawa. The Master guides the Guard and holds its philosophies.

The Council is a small group that helps the Master make dire decisions. They also lead in the Master's place when he is unavailable.

Disciple (Shado-pan)
These are the teachers. Each teacher specializes in something in which students can learn. Together they help students learn the ways of the Shado-pan and of Pandaria.

Senior Student (Shado-pan)
Senior students are those who have become well advanced in their lessons. They have the possibility to help the teachers demonstrate more complicated lessons.

Student (Shado-pan)
These are the ones who have advanced past the simple initiate studies.

Initiate (Shado-pan)
The beginning rank for training purposes.

This is a place for those who do not wish a military or monastery RP style. We welcome those who just want to RP casually.

This position is for those who are waiting to be let into the Guard ICly, needing a place to stay (without disturbing the guild atmosphere), and alts. Should OOC players become an issue, then there will be regulations put in place. Even OOC members will be held to the Terms of Membership (You wear our tag, and so are responsible for your actions).
Jade Guard Affiliations

    Wolves of the Gray Rose
    Cenarion Council
    Heartsong Guardians
    The Nordrassil Accord
    Shadows of Argus
    Order of the Beast

    Neutral (Relations in the works)
    Lineage of the Moon
    Qimeng Simiao
    Blackmoon Sentinels
    Will of Elune

RP Hotspots

Jade Forest

    Dawn's Blossom
    Jade Temple Grounds
    Temple of the Jade Serpent

Loch Modan
    Brothers Jin Banquet & Brew (Stoutlager Inn, Thelsamar)

    Cathedral Square
    Pig & Whistle
    Blue Recluse
Morning bump!
What happened? Leadership got passed?
12/28/2012 10:36 AMPosted by Mistreaver
What happened? Leadership got passed?

Yulan has some IRL stuff to take care of. So she made the decision to pass it over. Not a big deal. I'll be running it as close to what she wanted originally.
That's a shame. I tried to get in the JG weeks ago, but she was too busy to even bother talking to me... or deligating the task to an other
If you were trying to get in with your elfie then we don't have the banner program set up right now. We want to try to go mostly Pandas. I need to get with my officers and get it all sorted out. Though, you're welcome to friend me and it can be something we talk about. I want the guild to be open to a variety of RP styles.
I approve of this guild! :)
Sounds interesting.
12/28/2012 11:50 AMPosted by Kusonoki
If you were trying to get in with your elfie then we don't have the banner program set up right now. We want to try to go mostly Pandas. I need to get with my officers and get it all sorted out. Though, you're welcome to friend me and it can be something we talk about. I want the guild to be open to a variety of RP styles.

I appreciate, but that was then. She said the guild was going to be open to more races, but I found another home. I've been happy ever since

Just glad to see that the guild is in good hands
This is one of the guilds I've had my eye on with my pandaren. From what I can tell, it looks great.

Bump of support. <3
Morning Bump!
Good morning!
Busy, busy day.
Bump for looking interesting. :D I want to power level so once I cap I may look into this guild so I can RP and do amazingly Panda things. <3
Yay for being interesting!
Bumping :D

I sent a whisper to someone last night about joining but she was in AV so I'll try again later. =)

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