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Moon Guard
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12/29/2012 10:25 PMPosted by Lilyena
I sent a whisper to someone last night about joining but she was in AV so I'll try again later. =)

I'm usually flighty on Friday and Saturdays due to prior commitments, but we'll see what we can do about catching up with you :)
Guild gathering coming up on the 8th! Those interested in joining are welcome to stop by. Just send me an ingame mail or whisper and we'll chat!
Panda Power!
Morning everybody!
Happy New Year!
A New Year, A New Start~
Yeah I had to pass on the guild, Kusonoki even when I was leader was doing all the business with my IRL getting in the way. Kuso is great though and has a great vision for the guild.

To the front page!
Good night first day of the year!
morning, pandas!


Kuso wouldn't mind having another cub :D
Disclaimer: Robo Brew is bad for Humans (including Pandaren)
Have a good night!
Start of a busy day.
Welcome to all the new people!
Eventful evening it was~
*Loves on*
*steals Mav and runs*

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