Season 13 PvP Gear

Wyrmrest Accord

Is it me, or... Does this gear all look pretty much the same?
The only set that I think looks ok out of those is the warlock one.

That warrior set is just O_o
The...priest one is -okay- except for the questionable hat. I suppose.
360 Paladin No Shoulders
I actually like the paladin set with the helmet.

And the shaman.

...And the druid.

The monk too.
I don't mind it. It's pretty ornate and polished. But it's kind of...almost too clean.

Judging from the headgear, though, it seems that season 13 will be the season of the broken neck.
Shaman is like what.

Warrior is like wat.

I love paladin. Going back ret forsure.
I'm all over that priest set. Of course, I'll be hiding the hat. >.> I also like lock and DK. That druid set has the worst belt ever.
Perhaps it's just me, but I like a tad bit more variety when it comes to colors/themes in sets. That priest set IS pretty lulzy though.
The warlock helmet is amazing. I want it. On everyone. Even the non-warlocks.
I want dat Lock set... guess I gotta learn some destro PvP!

EDIT: Wait... the color set I want is Alliance D: Damn!
It's not bad. The paladin set impresses me.

That and the Rogue T15 are my two favorites so far.

I'm seriously in love with Rogue T15. Almost considering doing PvE for once.
The warlock one is the only one I wouldn't immediately transmog to something else.
I want dat Lock set... guess I gotta learn some destro PvP!

EDIT: Wait... the color set I want is Alliance D: Damn!

If you want the horde set im going to be grinding honor for gear with a priest and a pally. You would be welcome to join in.
Love the warlock set. I quite like all of them, though.
"I say, ol' boy, is that a hat on your head or are you just happy to see me?"

Not really feeling any of these, good thing I'll probably never have the time to grind them out.

Although, I guess the warlock one looks passable. However, whatever is dangling off that belt is just asking to be made into a never ending series of bad jokes.
Maybe it was just my computer wouldn't load? But a lot of the shoulders and helms weren't shown!

Check it out on mmo they look a lot better,
I'm really happy with all of the gear sets, and tier 15. It's just so hard to balance with a bunch of classes because you want them to all look good, lol :(
Large belts always look odd to me. Without the helm and shoulders the Paladin set strikes me as maternity armor. >_>

And thanks Skoggus but I'll prolly just convert valor or somethin. :) Although since the color set I want might not be available to me we'll see if I end up going for it at all. :P Might settle for the purple. Sad to be a Hordie who's favorite color is blue, lol!
We can all be equally ugly!
Needs bigger hats, in my opinion.

But really, it's like they looked at the giant shoulder era and were like "You know, I bet these would look better ON YOUR FACE"

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