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<Supermassive> Tier 14 Sales Opportunities!

Are you tired of running LFR and seeing your hard-earned bonus rolls net you nothing but gold? Are you sitting at the gold cap, seeing nothing but brawlers guilds on the BMAH? Why pay so much for a pair of crafted gear on the AH when you could be in full best in slot gear and have a cool new title to go with it! As we did previously with Firelands and Dragonsoul, Supermassive is now selling loot from Mogu'shan Vaults and Heart of Fear as well as the Delver of the Vaults title that comes with the Will of the Emperor kill!

Prices in Gold(subject to change based on demand):

  • Individual Items from MSV or Heart of Fear: Ask an officer in-game (Dessaar, Chickenshift, Canadashero)
  • Title 'Delver of the Vaults' from Heroic Will of the Emperor: 50k
  • Title 'Delver of the Vaults'+ Full MSV clear for any Gear that Drops (Minus contested items by members) 100k
  • Full Heart of Fear clear for any gear that drops (Minus contested items by members) 200k
  • Individual achievements to help accomplish [Glory of the Pandaria Raider] Ask an officer in-game (Dessaar, Chickenshift, Canadashero) .
  • Do note the following:
    -Individuals willing to purchase a full run will always take priority over individuals wishing to purchase items off of multiple bosses.
    -We are not selling Terrace of the Endless Spring loot or Achievements at this time.
    -We are not doing Will of the Emperor Achievement [Show me your Moves!] which is used for the Tier 14 Meta at this time, but will update this post when we do.
    -If anyone is interested in purchasing multiple runs, we are always open to negotiating the price.
    -There are a very limited number of spots available per run so it's important orders or requests are sent in ASAP to give adequate time for planning.
    -Remember: You can use your Elder Charms of Good Fortune on any boss when purchasing full clears!

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to read our FAQ at http://www.teamsupermassive.com/forums/showthread.php?1685-Super-Sale-FAQ or contact Dessaar, Chickenshift, or Canadaspally in-game!
    Woo, this is exciting!
    Still accepting orders for any of the above listed instances!
    Is this normal clears or heroic clears for all loot dropped?
    This is all full Heroic clears, no normals will be included, so loot will be 502 ilvl from MSV, and 509 from HoF/ToeS.
    Spots available for this week :)

    whisper an officer in game if interested.
    Bro Dessaar I miss you bro <3.
    Omg Bro come back to me <3
    I'll get in touch with you in-game.

    We should have open spots for the following week, if not 2 weeks out for sure. Anyone else who's interested can feel free to contact an officer in game to set up a date!
    Bump! Great group of people! :D
    Thanks Talx <3

    We have Terrace of the Endless springs left for this week (minus Heroic Elite Protectors). Although its not officially on the "Sales" list if people are interested send an officer a tell and we can see what we can work out.
    As Des said, we'll probably be adding Terrace to the sales list, namely the Sha of Fear feat and title for "The Fearless". I believe we're booked for this following week, but if you're interested in purchasing something for the week of 1/28 then come contact me in game or post here!
    Still booking sales, talk to me for multi-instance discounts!
    01/23/2013 03:59 PMPosted by Canadaspally
    Still booking sales, talk to me for multi-instance discounts!
    Canadaspally AKA walmart greater of SM
    Suppermassive still carrying that horrible priest Soaps?
    01/23/2013 07:03 PMPosted by Cruxxy
    Canadaspally AKA walmart greater of SM

    Good thing I'm in my university's college of business, I can put this on my resume! Haha.

    Anyone interested in next weeks opening come talk to me!
    Hello I'm very interested in this and would like to do this on a normal basis. What this means is every major raid that comes out, people defeat it, it becomes farm content and start selling raid spots for achievements and gear. I have a family and two kids so raiding more than once a week isn't an option anymore.

    My point is I'd like to speak with ya'll about purchasing raid positions for me on a semi regular basis. Perhaps once a month or so. To make this feasible for me, is there anyway you guys or gals will take TCG item codes and redeeming them obviously prior the raid. I can always show you via Skype or text. It wouldn't be cost effective for me to continually transfer low level guilds or transfer my character(s).

    If you're interested in TCG mounts, vanity items or anything I haven't mentioned or maybe ideas, please let me know.

    If this doesn't appeal to you, do you do both raids in one evening? You do all the single event meta achievements? I did read your FAQ.

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