[A] Supermassive Sales


We could probably work something out. We typically havent accepted TCG items as forms of payments; rather, we ask that the person sell them first but we might be able to accept them in special circumstances like yours.
Feel free to contact me in game and we can discuss everything.

Also, yes we do most of our main raiding in one evening.

Thanks for the reply! I will contact you in-game as soon as possible. Is there anyway we can do the raid(s) tonight or tomorrow some time once we agree on a price and all that jazz? And how long would it be expected to raid btw? Thank you once again.

Hey, I am very interested in buying the end boss achievements for both instances, but all my gold is on horde, would you take a TCG mount as payment and how much just for both titles? I really want to dodge the N. AH fee.
Its hard to get a hold of you guys, I've been on your realm asking for an officer a few times, but unfortunately it seems the officer is AFK. I'll try again!

Regards, Kalilynn

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