The Misty Keg 9: Unleashing Bottled Fury

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12/31/2012 06:21 PMPosted by Kungfuwaifu
someone that's not cool because she doesn't have an eyepatch

Well, that much was obvious.
holy balls!!! holiday is one thing, but this thread is moving slow!!!
01/01/2013 01:50 PMPosted by Leesinga
holy balls!!! holiday is one thing, but this thread is moving slow!!!

I know. I was about to double post too!

But figured I'd ask here in the hopes our wonderful WW Monks see it!

Is Gao-Rei, Staff of the Legendary Protector better then Gara'kal, Fist of the Spiritbinder x2? Presuming full upgrades and same enchant and sha-touched gem. AskMrRobot says it's a 5k increase, but I figure I'd check with human beings as well because MrRobot is also telling me to go straight Haste. And I don't trust it.
I was out of town all weekend, just got back. Great new years and a great weekend, and now I get to go back to work tomorrow :|
Never actually looked at the malevolent weapons until I just got them today. My pvp power doubled. I is so happy.
Happy New Year, monks of the Misty Keg! May the patches of 2013 bring you meaningful utility and throughput changes :)
Thank you for reminding me of the awesomeness that is coming my way :)

This year is bound to be super amazing. Got a promotion coming up (army, e-4 finally, woo!), possible promotion at work, awesome buffs to WW, going to be competing competitively in Magic, and my new girlfriend is super amazing and encourages me to be a super nerd.

Happy New years everyone :P
first raid night after a week and a half off

sweet babby jesus I hate everything
Woot, got our first Blade Lord kill (10man normal... >.>) tonight! Sunday we start work on Amber Shaper, and the "special" people in the group have to manage to pull their weight ;D

wow, fail... I actually meant Wind Lord rofl.
first raid night after a week and a half off

sweet babby jesus I hate everything
Hello! i just made my monk and i am planning to make this my new main character. It is nice to be apart of this community.
Jut did Tsulong for the second time last night in LFR.

I gotta say, that is my favorite fight. There's always something to heal, players are around 50%-70% constantly, modest movement and modest stacking. Only thing missing is the mana game.

Are they any mechanics missing in LFR?
Welcome, Fury!

Velvet, there are undoubtedly mechanics missing... but I can't tell you which ones since my guild hasn't unlocked TES yet. Hope to clear HoF for the first time... next week or the week after. You know, or two months from now, sigh ;)
01/01/2013 11:55 PMPosted by Fury
It is nice to be apart of this community.

You were apart, now you are a part.

Chika, bow, psssting.
I regret getting a full set of WW PVP gear, since I usually end up healing in pve gear in arenas most of the time lol.

LFR Terrace actually has all the mechanics of reg Terrace, except that not following them is no longer an option.
Grats Meditation!

Velvet, Tsulong is my favorite fight too - both normal and LFR :) It's custom made for MW. Although, I tend to ignore most of the night phase damage and just do RM with a few uplifts for tea stacks. I save my mana for healing/dispelling Tsulong in the light phase unless of course there's too many derps in the night phase (on LFR, normal is fine most the time). Then I'm a sad panda (lol) because I can't go as crazy healing Tsulong.

As for me.... HEELLLPPP... I'm getting sucked back into minecraft! Didn't even log into WoW yesterday because of it.
01/02/2013 09:27 AMPosted by Meditation
two months from now

man you have patience o.o my guild is 15/16 normals 3/6 heroic and i feel like we are going snails pace

also hello friendly new faces

so realized something funny today.....

"chi" wave and "chi" burst no longer have anything to do with chi -.- gg blizz

you people, minus Meditation, bore me.
He secretly means that theres not enough madoka in here

you people, minus Meditation, bore me.


there there ;)

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