466 prot pally lf raiding guild

Burning Legion
trying to get back into playing wow again but find its hard to stick with it due to i have no guild to raid with. i can raid pretty much any night of the week
My name is Squizz (Squizz#1910) and I am representing Helms Elite - Cho'Gall. Our guild information is listed below and if you have any questions feel free to contact me at one of our many resources.

Guild Name: Helms Elite
Server: Cho'Gall (PvP) - Horde (10Man)
Raid Times: 9:30pm - 12am EST - Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Homepage: helmselite(dot)net
Guild Recruitment thread:

Currently Recruiting:

Tanks - DK, Pally, Warrior
Range DPS (Hunter) Open for other range as well.

Current Progression: New guild - However management is MV 1/6H, HoF 4/6, & 1/4. We possess all the skills needed to take us to 16/16H. We are looking for a balanced group because we don't want to swap DPS and heals out for fights. We want a 10 man core from start to finish.

About Us: We are a very dedicated older group of raiders who decided to join some RL friends on Cho'gall. After some RL changes in our schedule our GM's decided it was better to start a 10 man guild (lvl 25) here on Cho'gall because of raid time changes we couldn't meet. I can assure you we are a dedicated bunch of players who have been together for 5-6 years. Most of us are over the age of 30 with kids, we aren't looking for anyone young that's going to cause drama. We like to have a good time in vent but we are also very serious when it's down to raid time.

In game contacts:
Squizz (Squizz#1910) & (Rettuclos#1494)

Loot: We handle loot through a very open and fair loot council. We assure you the there will be no loot drama.

Applicants must...
- Be geared for the content without being a hindrance
- Be 18 or older and in control of their own schedule.
- Be GOOD at your jobs and be willing to take criticism and advice.
- Be willing to attend 90%+ of raids. The vast majority of our members are at 90%+ lifetime attendance.
- Be willing to provide your own raid mats
- We do ask you have a good understanding of the fights before applying.

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