[A] 2/16 H Resto Tree LF guild

  • Hey there, I'm currently on a different server but have heard good things about this realm. My main is a 492 ILVL Resto Druid. I have played just about every class, I am constantly theory crafting and looking for new ways to better my performance. I am currently on a horde dominated PVP server and I hate it, so here I am looking to move to greener pastures.
  • I took a bit of a break around the time 5.1 hit, and I was 2/6 H in MV about 2 weeks before it hit. I have been doing pug runs and alt runs and stuff like that, but nothing that would be considered progression. That said, I am very much looking to get back into the game with a new guild/realm on a clean slate. I am looking for a well progressed guild, I am not looking to be a bench warmer, but I have no problems sitting a few raids out if it is necessary. I learn very fast and should have little to no problems adapting to your raid group/composition.
  • One thing I do NOT want in a guild is drama, been there done that. I am tired of people raging over loot and QQing and I won't tolerate it anymore. I have seen many potentially great guilds fall apart at the seams because someone rages at the drop of a dime and fails to respect his or her fellow raiders. So I ask that you have a solid officer core and a run that is drama free and relaxed.
  • My available times are fairly flexible and I should have no problem running on your schedule (whatever it may be). Throughout my WoW career my attendance record has been almost perfect, I can count the number of raids I missed since WotLK on a single hand. I expect that others in your group take raids seriously enough to show up on time just as I do.
  • I may, or may not, be transferring with a friend. He is a rather exceptional mage and one of the best players I have ever seen. If you have room/need for him as well, that would be a big plus, but if not it is not a huge deal. Anyhoo, please remember to leave your battle tag or real id or skype user name, or what ever floats your boat.
  • To make things easier. Innah is my resto druid.

    We are currently recruiting for a M-Th 25 man and a weekend 10 man. Let me (or anyone else from the guild) know if you have any questions or concerns.
    PS, I've spent some time on KJ... can't say I blame you.
    Yeah, lol it's rough here. Will look you up.
    Still looking.
    Though it may be a step down for you. Sanctuary is recruiting.
    Thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7593740173?page=1#2
    Guild site: http://www.sancguild.org/
    We're 16/16 normal 1/16hm and a resto druid would round out our raid team perfectly.

    Our raid times are tues - wed 6 to 9 server time. We clear HoF and Terrace with no issues and are starting to work on hard modes.

    Shoot me a tell if you got any questions.
    For the time being, I will be remaining on KJ and am currently not looking for a guild. Thank you for your interest!

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