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*pours kitty kibbles in a bowl for verd* here you go.

So...gonna generate discussion. Lets talk druid magic. I know how I play it--after 21 years of playing one, i've got a definite sense and style in RPing as a druid. For myself, at least, I play it off as its not necessarily the druid's personal power. The druid's strength comes from the life around him and his relationship with the very energies of Life and Creation. The druid calls, and life itself answers. A bloody wound on a comrade? The druid pulls ambient energy from living things nearby, and uses it to supercharge the friend's lifeforce and own internal healing, so the wound closes rapidly. (ALA Wolverine.) An enemy attacking? The druid calls out to the natural world for assistance, and the plants answer, whipping up to trip and tangle the enemy--or perhaps a mass of small, biting insects comes instead, getting into the foe's clothing and armor, and just creating an awful distraction. (My personal favorite for insects is to summon a swarm of chiggers. Those things are a pain...tiny, impossible to squash, and when they bite you, you KNOW it. Also, they're everywhere.)

Of course, in my RP, this is a double edged sword. If the druid attunes themselves to a particular place--meditation, tending the living creatures on a regular basis, all that....then the life is more ready to answer. But if he goes to a place he's never been, or ignores the life....then it may not be as ready to answer. It may even have to be forced--which of course leads to my other classification of druids.

Dark Druids. Not necessarily fallen or corrupted, but to me, these are the kinds of druids who represent the darker, more aggressive side of any primal magic. Instead of asking, they take. Instead of calling on aid, the command. To fight an enemy, they may simply choose to rip out his life energy and leave him weak, or to simply snuff it out. When healing, they may pull the required life energy from nearby plants or animals. When taking a form, they dont petition the animal spirit (see the old bear druid form quest), they may simply consume the spirit, or else force the form from it.

If played right, dark druids can be nasty antagonists, or just not someone you'd want to meet on a bad day. Its like...one part pissed off druid, one part mad-scientist.

Then of course, I look at the elemental associations. To me, druids and shamans are two halves of the same class. Druids major in life and minor in elements, while shamans major in elements and minor in life. That of course is where I play the difference. To summon a thunderstorm, for example, a shaman speaks to the air and the water itself. For a druid to do the same (see Hurricane), I play them as calling to the life energy that exists in even the elements. (After all, what is a fire elemental, but Fire, given Life? This precept is of course a major theme in the story "Unbroken" about Farseer Nobundo.)

But thats me, pulling not just from wow lore, but 21 years of playing a druid, and personal religious studies and beliefs. How do you guys interpret druid magic and RP the stuff out? Am curious.
Yay, I get to nerd out on a subject I love! I've touched on a lot of this in my "Nature Magician's Handbook." That can be found here:

I'd say for the most part, we'll never know certain parts of the nitty gritty details of magic. They defy the rules established by reality. That's why it's called magic!
That's not to say we don't have some ideas of how it works. We know that Druidic magic is, to some degree, symbiotic with their environment. This is supported by lore all over the place. And oh, look, what's this? A spell called Symbiosis!

However, shapeshifting in particular is a part of Druidic magic that has been more clearly refined. Just by looking at the spirits in the Moonglade, quest-text during certain Druid-only quests, the WoW comic, we know shapeshifting works something like this: There are spirits that exist for each of the animal forms. The Druid calls upon the soul of a particular animal, and the animal's soul merges with that of the Druids. That's ultimately what allows them to take their form. Their sentience and their ability to speak is still very much a "grey area."
For things like healing, we know Druids are about growth. Just look at the names of our spells: Restoration. Regrowth. Rejuvination. Rebirth.
Starting to see the trend here? Something that was once destroyed, corrupted, what have you, is essentially being reinvigorated and returned to their normal state. So I speculate that the Druid encourages the growth of living tissue within an organism in order to heal it.
So how much of the Druid's power is actually their own? Is a Druid's magic dependant on their own inner strength, or does it depend on their environment? Given what I've said about how shapeshifting works, and how restoration magic works, well I'd argue that it's actually very little! Nature magic primarily comes from one source: nature itself.
Duskhowl: I pitch this question back to you. Where do you draw the line between a Druid, a Dark Druid (I like to call them "Nature Mages"), and a Warlock? Each of them tap into life energy, but in very different ways.
For me, I'd say it's reverence. A Druid reveres nature, but a "nature mage" doesnt. A nature mage manipulates nature to do their bidding, but they do not revere it as the Druids do. That's why Druids are symbiotic with nature, while the other merely manipulates it.
Ah, a question already pondered many times. Allow me to illustrate by example.

Jea Kinnaran, is a druid, a healer and doctor by nature. She is intelligent, learned, and whille fair, not a push over. She speaks to the wilds, to animals and plants, and seeks a balance. When it comes to healing, she learned some rather questionable arts, to be able to do things like Reattach limbs, or undo mutations or scarring on a cellular level. She's not afraid to hunt and kill, or turn into a bear, or summon a pack of wolves to fight by her side. But through it all, she maintains a respect for life, and spirits.

Jea's counterpart is Lyra Nightwind. Created as a magical clone, Lyra has all of the same knowledge, experience, and magical capacity as Jea. However, unlike Jea, she lacks the....moral and ethical guidances. To her, Nature is to be used to her advantage. She captures beasts of particular qualities, going so far as to graft wings to her own back so she might fly. She used her magics to subdue all manner of beasts, binding them to her will, and wasnt above ripping the life from her enemies and leaving them weak and trembling, while her husband gutted them. In her eyes, Nature was simply a tool, a thing to be used, and life itself was at her command. She once stopped a man's heart, and burst a blood vessel in another's brain, using the same techniques used to heal.

Yet both of them are still Druids. They are using the natural magics, though with different methods and approaches. A warlock would be someone like Marren Darksorrow, once a mage who desired more power and thus turned to the path of unholy magics. He creates horrid diseases, causes the corruption of flesh, and harvests life and souls from the unwilling. But his source of power is not the magic of life--its the magic of corruption, of entropy, of pain and suffering. He draws on a different force to achieve similar results. He's warping thinks with corruption, making them something they were never meant to be.
OOC note: The Following is an IC description of an upcoming event. I require all Guild reps to pst me in-game. I will be needing some info.

Elder Fleetsong,

We wished to formally congratulate you and Aldreon on your success of forming this new Council. We find this group to be a very important piece of our plethora of sub-organisations of the Circle. However we have some news that you may not welcome, but it is necessary.

It has come to our attention that your Council is structured based on the votes of 'Representatives'. Upon further inspection we have concluded certain things. First off, we are very happy to see the wide variety of Druids that partake in these meetings, but this is also a major flaw.

The second thing is, we believe that some of your 'Representatives' may be unfit to hold the positions they hold. These Druids have much power, more than may be realized. This Druidic body of yours holds host to many, and such power must only be given to those worthy. Many of these 'Representatives' are either Children of Goldrinn, or young in age. We are not certain that these are the best people to be at the helm of such an organisation. We do, however, wish not to interfere with something that seems to be working. So we have reached a compromise. We will be enforcing something upon you, Elder Fleetsong. We understand and are fully aware that you are against what we are about to do. But it is in our eyes needed.

We are hereby instructing you to test the competency of your 'Representatives'. In the manner we wish you to do this... Is one you are against. You believe that such a trial is not an accurate form of deciding the competency of a Druid or not. We do understand your point, but we have decided it is the only way at this point.

You must administer 'The Trial of Fear'. There will be no compromise on the subject Galondel. It is either this way, or we take action in a fashion you will find even worse. Those exempt from the trial will be yourself for obvious reasons, and Archdruid Maethor. All others must undergo the trial. No exceptions. Even Aldreon Verdantclaw.

We trust you will act in the proper fashion Elder, best of luck to you.

~The Archdruids and Elders of the Circle
A copy of the letter was sent to Every council member* ^^

Feel free to post an IC reaction here!
@ inquiries of the letter:

A small elven boy that was yet again trying to find the Elder Priestess to deliver a letter; he was out of breath and crouched over slightly from excessive running. "E-Elder Pr-riestess. Here is another letter for you that was to be sent urgently." Mavei in her casual wear sitting home as a druid was giving a daily check up, he first shoo'd the boy away before she waved the messenger in. "Please come in child," She took the letter," My thanks, Please take some time downstairs for refreshment and a meal." She smiled as she held the letter in her lap. The boy nodded quickly before running downstairs without a breath.

She then looked at the letter, the druid looked more interested in helping her headaches though he gave her space to read. She peeled the seal from the parchment and read the lines that were written. "So it seems our druidic friends have a feat to conquer. It will be a marvelous day to see this done so. For they have been through many trying fearful adventures in their pasts. I grow interested in this meeting, though I do not think they will appreciate my words." She looked at the druid casually before shrugging. "They are respectful as am I. The Intel that can be shared will be immense." She put the letter into her satchel that laid on the side of the bed. She laid back down as the druid did rituals around the temples of her head.
Added 2 new events, and Galo and I shuffled around the calendar.

-The Trial of Fear
-Ritual of the Green Triad

My IC response to Galondel's letter will be posted when I get around to writing it. :P
@ Duskhowl and Verd's stuff.

I agree for the most part. When we look at a Druid, most of the abilities we hold are not really conjuring anything. Starfire, we summon the power of the stars. Entagling roots, we summon the roots. Shapeshifting, we summon the spirits and take their form. However when you look to a mage, they conjure their Arcane energy they produce. Their Ice, their fire. All of a Druid's power comes from the nature around him.

Now another thing that was brought up was a druid's own personal power. I -do- believe druids hold their own in a certain way, but it is not power per say. For us, the individualized power is how attuned we are with nature. He is an example to perhaps help you understand.

Laridel Darkstep is a Novice Druid. She has only just begun her studies. She finds herself within a barren desert. She finds herself under attack, she only finds herself able to summon upon the wind, seeing as there is not much else around.

Now here is another example, same scenario.

Galondel Fleetsong is an Elder Druid. He has been a Druid for over ten thousand years. Some would look up and call him "Powerful". But is he really? His own actual power, is that he is almost perfectly attuned with the nature. Hell he has bloody antlers. He is attacked in the desert, what does he do? Well he calls upon roots of plants ten miles away that would come at lightning speed. He calls upon the fauna from the nearest Oasis which is out of sight to ride to his aid. And how does he do this and the Novice could not? Because he is attuned with the nature and has been for so long. The Nature is part of him as he is of it. No matter where he is, he finds a way. Whereas a Novice druid who has only just begun in the druidic ways, would not be so 'powerful'.
Sir Galondel and Sir Verdantclaw would find letters addressed to them, wherever their normal place of residence may be. The envelope was not overly immaculate, bearing a stamp of Greymane upon its body, and possessing a pale-yellow coloration. The letter therein however, was writ with text suggesting that of a practiced hand, and about the various were were inky residues suggesting the lordly wealth of a ball-point pen.

"Addressed to Sir Fleetsong and Sir Verdantclaw,

This letter comes upon you in response to the matter concerning the Archdruids of the Circle. It has stirred a small indignation within myself, and so too I find that it breaches the basic laws of morality which men have long held dear. Hence I will seek to only utilize my rational faculties in the writing of this letter...to be guided by the hand of logos and divinely-endowed reason alone, as it would behoove me to not contrive some newfangled vision which stands opposite to that of the circle.

Perhaps most notable in this letter was the assumption that there exists some absolute standard of competency by which a druid may be analyzed, and thereafter deemed to be worthy of a certain station or not. Herein, competency is used merely as a word that signifies ability and capacity. Furthermore, with the word power interspersed fruitfully throughout the document, it is clear enough that the power of a druid, his ability to change, shape, and endure, serve as the penultimate marker of competency.

Yet when the above statement is drawn to its natural conclusion, the druid is deemed to a ghastly fate indeed - that of a machine. As the objectively greater druid - and hence druid more fitting to serve upon the council must possess more competency, druids are essentially stripped of all spiritual function. The greater druid is not he whom gives boundlessly to the wilds, or he whom achieves the most genius revelation, or he whom expresses the fruits of the earth's bosom with inspiring repose: all-such are declared mere niceties in the search for utilitarian purpose.

The letter continues in a spirit that is antithetical to druidism itself. An insult is laid bare - children of Goldrinn. In this simple term, a Gilnean is stripped of his rightful nationhood and proclaimed to be but the child of a Kaldorei god. Moreover, by subjugating Gilnean identity to be but a thrall of a Kaldorei deity, the following actions concerning the trial may be easily justified. I have spoken regretfully of the natural imperialism of the Kaldorei race, yet now so too much I speak of the spiritual imperialism which this letter implies.

To subject all Kaldorei druids to a single trial in the search for whether a druid bears enough 'worth' to stand upon a council is obvious folly. Nature teaches us of diversity, not of these laughable absolutes under which all things may be judged. And yet what transcends folly itself into what is certainly a mocking spectacle, in the introduction of an entirely different race that bear their own druidic traditions into the council, to forcefully be thrown into an ancient kaldorei ritual?

And make the proclamation that only an individual that passes this trial of Kaldorei druidism may be considered a practitioner of any authority , when all it ultimately measures is external ability with perhaps a game of the mind imparted - is this what the circle has now devolved into? I pray that sanity shall be seen.

If not, I shall be resigning from this council and pulling the entirety of the Orchid out of it as well. I believed this to be a ground where simultaneously multiple druidic faiths might co-exist and prosper along-side another, not where a single practice - and but a single portion of that practice - would be used as the marker for the worth of all druids.

Sir Ferenold Stormshend,

Hierophant of the Orchid, Keeper of the Old Ways, Reigning mayor of Darel'horth reforged.
The Letter bore the proud Antlers of Cenarius.

Ferenold of the Orchid,

I have read your letter. I understand that you are in no means favorable of the Trial. As you may have taken from the Archdruids' letter, I myself am against this trial, as I do not believe it is a proper form of showing a Druid's attunement to the Wilds.

But this is not the reason for the trial, Stormshend. The trial is not one of Druidic nature. The trial is one of leadership. This trial is used, to see if a leader, one who 'represents' a populace, is able to do so. To see if they can endure the inner demons that haunt them. If they cannot face their own fears, then they are not fit to represent anyone. Even though I am against this Trial, I at least understand the point.

The Children of Goldrinn. It should be an honour to be called upon by such a term. You are the ones blessed by Goldrinn to uphold his ferocity. And yet you speak of how Gilneans should be stated as such. Take a look around Ferenold, not every 'Worgen' is a Gilnean on the Council. If we are to speak of everyone at once, using Gilnean would be a very large insult to those who are not of Gilnean blood. You also speak of how we call you his Children in a sense that you are lower than a Kaldorei. Do you not know the meaning of the word? Kaldorei in your language of 'Common' translates to , The Children of the Stars. We ourselves -wish- to be called as such. I am appalled upon hearing the term, Night Elf. So take it is an honour when you bear the name of he who has blessed you.

You strive for isolation even now. Well go ahead and do it. See what happens. Lock yourself up in a wall and do it all over again. Break out in civil war, have the Forsaken invade your lands. Let the events of the past simply repeat themselves. However, this time the Kaldorei will not save you. I have much love and much respect for the Children of Goldrinn, Gilnean or not. But when I hear of those who wish to lock themselves up once more with the petty means of Isolation, then I turn my back. You are offered the opportunity to be among us. You will never, not be Gilneans. Take it as a compliment if someone describes you as a Child of Goldrinn, for when you are described as such, it means the Kaldorei respect you. We respect you enough to call you a Child of a greater being as we do to ourselves. Should we call you Gilnean, we think of you as another Human. Perhaps you should learn the meaning of our sayings before threatening us with your parting.

I do not wish for anyone to leave the Council. Nor do I wish for the Trial of Fear to be the way to determine who leads the Council. But in life comes times where you must do things you wish not to do, hm?

Ancients be with you.

~Shan'do Fleetsong.
The letter bore the same marks as that of before.

Sir Fleetsong,

I greatly regret that you have been made a slave to the wishes of your superiors concerning such a matter. I know not from whence this barbaric trial arose, but if it is indeed true that it is being thrust upon you then my doubt has hereby multiplied - for it lays not on you, but upon the very druids that direct the grand endeavor of the circle. And if they, themselves advocate such a matter then I fear that my departure hearkens more briskly.

Your attempts at endowing my race - the Gilnean race, with some purpose of your own once more constitutes the vile grievance of spiritual imperialism. We have been brought into no purpose by the hand of your people - we have been granted no new mission that hails of the curse except what we ourselves place upon it. At times I question whether your ilk even understand what a Worgen is.

What is it to be a Worgen, then?

These are the beasts that ravaged our fields and raped our cities. These are the beasts that slaughtered our families and contributed to the downfall of our dear nation. These are the beasts that we ourselves became, as we lost all control over bodily function - and made bloodshed of our loved before our very eyes. To be a Worgen is not some great meeting of long-awaited fate. To be a Worgen is to live with the fact that every day, the blood of your own peoples lays upon your hands, and that -you- are responsible for the death of children and the desecration of your homeland. To call it a blessing is the ultimate insensitivity.

You spoke of isolation, Kaldorei, and decried Gilneas. Our peoples stayed in a state of complete isolation for twenty years. Your people did so for more than seven thousand.


Ferenold Stormshend.
Ferenold Stormshend,

Your reluctance to subject yourself to the Trial of Fear is something we both share. I do not believe our Elders know what is best for the members of the Council, but my allegiance ultimately remains with the Cenarion Circle. If our Elders wish for me to undergo the Trial of Fear to appease them, I will show them that we are not afraid to earn our place within the Circle.

Your feelings are understandable, and know that you are not alone.

Aldreon Verdantclaw, Council Speaker.

OOC note: As with everything the Council does, I will speak to Galondel about making the trial optional. Fere brings up a couple good points that need to be addressed, namely that it caters more to Night Elf RP than it does the other races, and the Council is designed to be a series of events for the Druidic community at large.

With that being said, threatening to revoke your support for the Council is a harsh punishment for our experimentation. The Trial of Fear event tries some things we haven't seen from the Council events yet, so bear with us as we refine these events in order for them to run smoothly for everyone.
I'm perfectly cool with it OOC, Verdantclaw. I'm enjoying the RP sparked from it. Keep up the good work. ))
Verdant I talked to Fere OOCly ingame. He was going to leave for IC reasons anyway, he has just decided that this is the best way to go about it.
He might not leave. It's all up in the air atm. ))
01/04/2013 09:47 AMPosted by Ferenold
He might not leave. It's all up in the air atm. ))

Depending on what, exactly?

Let me make this clear to everyone, just so we're all on the same page: Know that I will always make the necessary accomodations for these events to ensure they're as all-inclusive to the Druid community as possible. But, I will make no attempt to force players to participate in these events if they are not interested OOC.
Fere was saying something about him wanting Orchid to be more isolationist. Apparently the decisions was IC and he was considering it before the letter.
01/04/2013 10:58 AMPosted by Galondel
Fere was saying something about him wanting Orchid to be more isolationist. Apparently the decisions was IC and he was considering it before the letter.

I have no qualms with that. Just setting the record straight because I felt like it was necessary to do so.

If that's your decision, Fere, I've no hard feelings and I support staying true to your character.
Let me just set a few things straight for Galo here, Verdantclaw. Ferenold's leaving (If it happens) has nothing to do with my OOC feelings, first of all. I completely approve of the event OOC, and I don't think Galondel was making it to try to break me away from the council. I'd applaud him on making a well-crafted event, if anything.
That's fine, Fere. You're welcome to your filthy Gilnean isolationism. I RP with you daily, I know that's something Ferenold would consider doing. <3

I've no other comments on the matter, let's continue the thread IC or pertaining to the upcoming events.

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