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Moon Guard
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YAYYYYYY. Verdant I command that you post an IC response naow. Naow
I will. Give me a moment will ya? I can't think straight when geezer Druids be breathing down my neck all the time.
But I like being a geezer druid.
"It's not easy being green."

~Master Aldreon Verdantclaw of the Cenarion Circle
"It's not easy leading League of Lordaeron with a bad hip."

-Kerdic Lothinil, elderly man.
The craggy brow ridges furrowed, staring at the parchment. The swooping script may as well have been meaningless scribbles for all the worgen understood them. That symbol though, he knew. That was the Cenarion Circle. "Hmm...why give to Duskhowl if is for Nightseye?" he mused, glancing at his raven spirit friend. The bird cawed in response.

"Yes. Is very strange. Hope is good things for Nightseye to hear. Has been....tired lately, and would be good to have her smile."

The dark furred worgen adjusted his seat, his senses curling back along the soul-fibers that bound him to his mate. She was just waking up, and he smiled wolfishly, letting the love and affection he felt flow between them, kickstarting a feedback loop of positive emotions to make her day start off well. He could perceive, through her senses, the wriggling bodies of Fireclaw and Nightsinger, both small pups nuzzling the she-elf as a demand for breakfast, and he rumbled in her mind, letting her know he had a pot of food already waiting on the platform. *Is also thing for you, from Cen-are-ee-on Circle.*

He could practically feel her nod, and hear her murmured voice as she rose, gathering up their youngest children to bring them to breakfast, and see what was in this letter.

((And...I'll be running a scene with Val at some point....then I'll post the rest. Cuz.... *puts on Katie Kaboom helmet.* Yeah....this aint gonna go well.))
Archdruids and Elders of the Cenarion Circle,

It is with great sorrow that I write this letter, for I speak many truths that have plagued my spirit for far too long.

The Circle has gone soft. We've allowed the Alliance and the Horde to defile our sacred lands, and we've done little to naught in taking precautions to secure the interests of the Circle. We've allowed Pandaria to become a battlefront for war, and even still the Druids are pacified by the Circle, and only allowed to play clean-up after their wake of destruction.

I founded the Cenarion Council with Galondel Fleetsong to reverse your inaction. We've begun acting on our own accord, and the Druids across all of Azeroth will no longer stand idle as the rest of Azeroth burns. And now, for merely doing what we believed was in nature's best interest, we are being punished by the Archdruids and our elders. By invoking the Trial of Fear, dissent has been created within the Council, and several members have already threatened to leave.

However, unlike the rest of the Cenarion Circle, I am not afraid to do what is necessary to maintain balance. You will revoke your decision to subject the representatives of the Council to the Trial of Fear, or I will motion to have this Council removed from the Cenarion Circle so that we may act on our own accord.

Aldreon Verdantclaw, Council Speaker.
(Question, What is the trial of fear exactly?)
Secret IC RP goodness))

Do not threaten us with your wayward ideas of separation. We are one. We believe in Unity of all Druidic bodies. This trial is meant to test some of these new Druidic leaders. If our Generation is to pass our power on to you, we wish only for you to be ready. For anything. Even your inner demons. We have built this Circle for thousands of years, and if we are to pass it along to the new generation, we need to be assured that they can handle the job. That they have faced what we all have. What every single one of the Elders and Archdruids have faced. So do not think of this as an offensive measure at all. But we are very cautious when we look unto the new leaders of what we have strived to build for lifetimes.

~The Archdruids and Elders
Archdruids and Elders,

I will comply and undergo the Trial of Fear if you so will it. But know that my faith in the Circle has been shaken greatly, and this sentiment is shared by many of the Druids of the Cenarion Council. We have done much in our service to the Circle, and your desire to see us "prove our worth" diminishes everything we've done prior in carrying out the Circle's will.

In the days to come, expect me to pursue the aforementioned secession from the Circle. It pains me to do so, as the Circle has served as my family since the day I was born. But, I do not wish to be questioned for every decision we make by relics of the past who no longer have the will to do what is necessary to maintain balance.

Brother Verdantclaw,

My discussions are not going as I would have hoped. Those who support our ways, are outnumbered by those who remain stuck to the old ways. I will do what I can to furthermore make them see the light, and put an end to this trial. But I have made some legwork.

"By decree of the Elders and Archdruids of the Circle, this Trial of Fear will hereby only be conducted to those who wish earn their own in the council. Any representative who does this trial, will gain our respect. And will become well known in the Circle. To anyone who refuses to partake, will lose our respect, and will lose our support."

~ Elder Fleetsong

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((can you clarify what you mean by "no longer be recognized?"))
Brother Galondel,

While your efforts to sway the minds of the other Elders is admirable, I've already decided to undergo the Trial of Fear. If it offers me a chance to prove my worth, then I will do it to appease them. But, I do not wish the rest of the Council to be subjected to our Elders' silly whims. They no longer know what's best for us or our Council.

Unfortunately, there is no more room in the world for stubbornness, and the Circle's inaction has dragged on for far too long. They wish nothing more than to impede on our progress, pacify us, rather than empower us.

I've had enough. Azeroth has changed, and with it, so must the Circle. Mortality will claim us soon enough, and I aim to ensure that the Circle will continue to prosper long after Archdruid Stormrage and the Kaldorei are dead.

(Now to finish what I started.)

The pups distracted by bowls of food, Dusk glanced over, seeing his mate relaxing by the moonwell, her hood pushed back slightly as she enjoyed a moment free of the call of children. He let out a sharp rumble to Dreamshadow, to have her keep an eye on her younger siblings, before gathering his legs and leaping off the side of the platform. His lean body arced through the air, wind ruffling his fur as he landed in a crouch about halfway to his destination.

A dozen more pawsteps and he stretched companionably next to the Kaldorei woman, his lupine head resting in her lap, his mind brushing hers with a soft greeting. One paw produced the letter that had been delivered for her, holding it up as purple skinned fingers began to worm through his fur, just behind his curled ears, scratching lightly in that way she knew he loved. Valitheria took the parchment in her free hand, and began to read, still scratching behind his ears.

His muzzle wrinkled as her scratching began to slow, in time with the feeling of rising anger and disgust pouring over the link. When she crumpled the paper and threw it behind her, he lifted his head to peer at her. "Problem?"

"It seems those who lead the Circle have gone soft in the head--they apparently think this 'council' is headed by irresponsible children and dullards. They wish to force a test upon them to prove otherwise. Doddering fools." She was scowling now, the angered expression mirrored by the reaction of the grove, as fungi and insects swarmed over the paper, destroying and consuming it.

Blue eyes blinked at her. "What is...dull-ard? What test?" It was becoming hard to focus, her anger and indignation washing over him in waves, causing his own emotions to respond. He could feel the fire in his core starting to flare, and he struggled to calm the Rage of First-Wolf before it overwhelmed him.

"If I read right, they feel it...necessary to put the younger members of the council through their worst fears. And a dullard is an idiot, basically."

Dread and foreboding sliced through the rage, and Dusk felt his hackles bristle in response. Ears pinned flat to his skull, lips curled back from his fangs, and he let out a whining sound. "No. Not ever again. Not in life, not in dreams. Will never make two from Nightseye and Duskhowl again. Have already lived this."

Phantom pains lanced through them both, memories of being held captive, of being tortured and torn apart, of their joined soul being forcibly separated creeping up. Then it was on top of him, the agony, the emptiness he had felt, unable to touch her, to feel her as part of him, and a long, shuddering whine forced itself past lupine lips.

Valitheria's touch brought him back to the present, soul-stuff coiling around his, fingers stroking his fur... "Indeed. Never again."

There was silence for a good long time, before their emotions were under control, assuaged by the reassuring touches of bodies, minds, and soul. He finally asked, "Did Alphas of Circle take this test? Did Nightseye?"

She shook her head. "No. I was never subjected to such. And neither were any of them."

The worgen didnt like what he was hearing. If she, who had been one of the few females allowed to follow her path, had been exempt from such a thing, and still entrusted to protect a sacred site....This was wrong. His arm curled around her back, and he growled, "That is not right. Not fair. Duskhowl will only do if they do first....and Duskhowl get to watch, to see is done."

He could feel her chuckle, dispelling the last of the dark mood, and he fell to letting himself enjoy the brief quiet time with her before their three pups came hunting them.
The letter was addressed to all members.

Brothers and Sisters,

I am fed up with the Elders and Archdruids at this point. I myself being one of the Elders, have done my best to put an end to this nonsense of a Trial. Seeing as they will not budge, I will. I will be also taking the Trial of Fear. Long live Cenarius.

~Elder Fleetsong
For the Druids! For everybody! For, you know what I am tired of fighting for other ppl.

Nevermoore showed up to the Twilight Grove the other day and asked Duskhowl if he was an alien. Good times.
(( Question for you before I write this letter, is there a druidic language in WoW lore wise? I know there is one in DnD but I am not aware of any in WoW))

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