[RP]-The Cenarion Council

Moon Guard
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You can mark it if you want, Verdy. :}
Remember the good old days? As in the first Meeting?

"Ferenold, can you even mend a tree?" Lol
OH, btw, boys, I put the preliminary post up for the spring event for the guardians on my guild thread.
I'll mark it on the Council thread too once you know the date.
23rd of march. Its in the post i made in my guild thread.
Did I kill Verdy and Galpo? *produces a stick to poke them with* Its just a party, boys. I promise. No bloody sacrifices to goldrinn.
But its not a party without bloody sacrifices. :(
Bump. Also updated teh calendar.
Awesome.So whats that next event about?
Honoring the progress made in the Northern EK area, and bringing the locals in for the fun. We'll likely have a couple speakers, then the Druids will do the ritual, and everyone can socialize after.

I think we might put up a separate thread for it too.
Important announcement:

All Council events are cancelled until further notice, including the Ritual of the Green Triad that was slated for this Friday.

If we are going to continue with the Council events at all, I want them to be fun and engaging for everyone involved. I'm not going to be able to come up with fun ideas if I'm not even motivated to RP on Verdant. In addition to that, I feel like there are some unresolved IC tensions that have gone unresolved after our Trial of Fear RP event. Again, this ties into my inactivity, and it also has to do with my character's unwillingness to even want to resolve them.

For now, I'm going to step away from these Council events until I can get my !@#$ together. If Galo wishes to continue with them, I will still co-host them and continue to attend. Truth be told, I'm a little burnt out, and I don't want the quality of these events to suffer as a result. It's not fair to you guys, and it's not fair to Galo.
Fair enough, boys.
*hugs* am here if ya need anything.

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