Armory iPhone app is no longer saving photos

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When I press the little camera icon in the upper left corner of the app in 3D character view it used to save my screenshots to my camera roll. Now it still gives the "Screenshot saved successfully" message, but it does not save the photo. Is anyone else having this problem?
I'm having the same problem
Same issue.
This is an OS issue. In iOS 6 there are additional permissions for Photos that are associated with specific apps. You can find this OS setting under Settings > General > Privacy > Photos. We plan to add a better error message that will inform users of this.
Hrm, I don't see a Privacy option under General. The Settings > Privacy > Photos option shows a list of applications that have requested permission to access my photos, including the Armory. This is currently set to 'ON', yet I still can't save a screenshot.
Yes, sorry about misdirecting you to General. What device model are you using? Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling it to see if it corrects that behavior? What error do you get when you tap on the screenshot button in the 3D Model Viewer?

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