[A] WTB Riplimb's Lost Collar

Wyrmrest Accord
Hello everyone!

I have my new transmog set nearly complete, unfortunately multiple firelands runs has yet to net me a Riplimb's Lost Collar.

Riplimb's Lost Collar

I'd be willing to pay up to 5k for one.

The best place to reach me would be in-game via tell or mail, however I will check this thread from time to time. Thanks for looking!
I'll try putting a FL raid together when I get home to grab one. If I do get it, its yours.. you wont owe me anything.

Needs to be heroic belt or reg 378?
I have the crystallized fire already to upgrade it to the heroic version. I'm only in need of the belt. If you happen to get one, I refuse to take it for free. Just CoD me what you think would be fair! Thanks!
Ok just the Regular then got it. And you wont pay me a thing if I gift it to you. Just take it, say thank you and enjoy your Xmog set lol. I've been there needing that last piece and cant finditomgitneverdropsformeitsmakingmewanttopunchagnome... kinda thing. I had someone help me once when they didnt have to. I like to think I can help others without money involved.
I did FL last night, sadly it did not drop. Ill give it another shot tonight or tomorrow night and see what I come up with.
Sure, thanks Faenissa!

Also Wednesday bump!
Le' Bump
WHY?! Why would you kill such a noble animal!

bump and good luck getting your item.
Still looking if there is anyone out there that might have one stashed away!
Still looking for the collar if someone happens upon one!

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