[H] Outcasts LF Tank 5/16 HM

Outcasts (lvl 25) is a 10 man raiding guild. We lost a tank due to unavailability and need to fill the spot ASAP. Since this is a core spot (open immediately), we do need a committment from members to be on time to each raid so we can do first pulls as close to 8pm as possible. The raid environment is very relaxed and we are always trying to progress.

Recruitment needs: ilvl 485 min, 16/16 normal experience, some Heroic experience preferred

-1 Non-Warrior Tank (prefer Pally or DK) (we have a rogue and feral in raid)
(DPS OS preferred but not required)

Guild provides feasts, flasks, pots, repairs, many gems, and enchants to raiding members.

Current progression 4/6 H MV, 1/6 H HoF, 4/4 ToES (elite protectors).

Raid Times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8-11pm server.

Please message Monkeyclaw, Razu, or Izco in game for more info.
Bump! need a healer!
Bump! Still need 1 good healer.

Prefer holy paladin but will consider a druid or a monk. Spot available for tonight at 8pm!

Whisper me in game for more info!
Bump! Immediate openings!
BUMP! Spots for Tuesday at 8pm server!
Bump for 3/4 ToES first night in with elite protectors.
4/4 ToES Bumpage!
Bump for 16/16 normal
Bump! Clearing Toes with elite protectors Tues night. Moving into heroics after that.
Bump for heroics this week!
Bumpage! LF 1 MOAR Heals.
BUMP for a Tank!
Still need a DK or Pally tank!
Bump. Spot still available. Raid tonight at 8 server.
Bumpage for a tank!
Bump for h bladelord down!

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