Frost/Blood DK lf PVP

Have at least all dreadful gear, working on upgrading, and several pieces of malevolent gear including 2/2 upgraded weapon. Looking for an RBG group or 3's/5's for rating. Fast learner, interested in learning target calling.

I will try to log out in my PVP gear/spec if you care to look it over. Gear is reforged/gemmed for frost, but will change if you need an FC. Currently not enough PVP/conquest to purchase another set.

Do not want to leave current guild, PVP is something I am looking to do on the side.

PM me in game or forum please, and thanks.
I dunno if you have a good raid group or anything, but I figure Ill post on here anyways.

Remnant is a 10 man raid group, and we need a new tank to fill our last spot. We are currently 3/12 ToT, 8/16 heroic, and 16/16 Normal. We started a week late in ToT, but got the first 3 bosses this week downed no problem.

All our players are very skilled, and have lots of good raid experience, al players are afe 25+, so all are very friendly, laid back, and mature=)

If your interested msg me anytime in game, or Thanaroth as well. My battletag is if you want to get ahold of me that way.

thanks for your time=)

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