Guild Recruitment
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And so begins another week of waiting :O

Gief meh apps
lf quality people to push to finish this tier before 5.2.
So close to having my mage LFR ready -.-
Get maged geared for all of lfr, hate the ques. so much fun brah
Moar apps
10/16H bros
Amber shaper work today hooray
Solid raider looking for a home in T15?

We may have a need for you!
WTB aware raiders/solid apps
whats the progression on your 25man group? my 495 lock is looking for a group for 5.2 taht will progress at a decent pace
10/16H currently!

Looking for solid players with similarly solid parses!
Resto BG hero reporting in.
who likes fish sticks?
I hear source enjoys fish sticks.
where are the Holy Pallies @?
we likeo
good appos
its Happy Time!!!
bring me your heals

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