Getting frustrated on Jacob

Pet Battles
alright...found myself brick walled on Nearly Headless Jacob. Had Speedy out, but failed. Need some help on any of my pets or what Pets I should get my hands on
My standard comp for most of the tamers until pandaria was desert spider, fel flame and rabid nut 5000. Id get a few beast or critter types. Fel flame and desert spider helped becaue of the double damage.
I remember using a Rabbit and a Fox against him
so far they sound good. Guess I'll need to raise a Desert Spider, Fel Fire and Rabbit

luckily there's Pandaria
Ok, just did him again. Oozes tear him up!
I use 2 bunnies with burrow and dodge and Red Cricket, levelling one of the rabbits/hares up. But sometimes his pets seem to just get lucky and it takes a second try.

I'll have to try a slime on him some time.
Good news, Beat him with Flayer Hatchling, Speedy and Fel Fire (nicknamed Facemelter)
a pair of sprite darter hatchling/nether faire dragons in evan/arc/moon config

start against his claw with evan (dodge)
he curse and second dot will miss
he will swap your pet
then evan, moon, arc finish him off

you will now be 3-2 vs his last 2 pets

CoD can not land on your pets along with the swap out
okay............. for every trainer that is not the elementals

have 4-5 rare pets of different types with non suck move list, that should give you a good enough coverage. That is all the "strat" you need

Strat is for doing things like defeating a tamer with only 2 pets or other self imposed challenges.

for elemental tamers, its basically the same thing, except make sure atleast 2 of the pets are from the "A-list" of pets
I used my 3 Emerald Turtles (lvl 21) against Jacob... Pretty easy fight

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