LF Bananas, DM Eye, DM Rabbit, Tuskarr, Rocke

Pet Battles
Hello everyone!

I have this list of stuff available to trade. I am willing to trade multiple pets/stones for what I am looking for so feel free to combine items from either list in trade offers. Please put your trade proposal in the friend request window or in this forum post.

My battletag is DrMLordsGen#1910

I am looking for:

tuskarr kite
rocket chicken
dm rabbit
dm eye

I have this stuff for trade:

3x boe flawless stones
2x critter
1x dragon
1x elemental
3x undead
2x beast
1 x mech
1x aqua
1x flying

2x Gregarious Grell
1x Nightsaber Cub
3x Sand Scarab
1x Purple Puffer
1x Guardian Cub (pet store)

Dark Whelpling
Disgusting Oozeling
Fungal Abom
Gundrak Hatchling
Mini Mindslayer
Proto-Drake Whelp
Stitched Pup
Untamed Hatchling
Earth Spirit
Fire Spirit
Water Spirit
Ashtone Core
Anubisath Idol
Corefire Imp
Frigid Frostling
Gilnean Raven
Jade Crane Chick
Spirit of Summer
Sapphire Cub
Tirisfal Battling
Toxic Wasteling
My Rocket Chicken + Bananas + over 30 others for your ethereal soul-trader.
Hey Arcarius what u want for Bananas :)
I would also toss in quite a bit for a Soul Trader... Bananas 25, Tuskarr Kite, and Hippo Hatchling 25
Sorry guys, my soul trader is not up for trade. All the stuff on my list is still available though.

My battletag is DrMLordsGen#1910
bump burrito

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