[A][RP-PvP] Glory to the Undercross

Wyrmrest Accord
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Flyers have been posted to the Call to Arms boards within each of the Alliance cities, and out on the peninsula, within the stronghold of the Baradin's Wardens.

"The Undercross Collective is currently seeking the enlistment of able bodied men and women who are concerned with the war efforts on our own shores. With the rumors of Pandaria becoming a pinnacle of violence for the Alliance versus Horde conflict, one must consider foremost the safety of our cities. Our peoples as a whole. The fight has yet to give pause. Why should we? Defense of the Homeland, for the Homeland."

Who We Are

The Undercross Collective is foremost a heavy roleplay guild with paramilitary themes. Structured around the idea that all endeavoring to join are able to perform as adequate to extraordinary armsman, medics and provisioners, we have built a small community within ourselves and those allied to us. Coupled with our RP is PvP in abundance. While newly formed, we foresee a lasting presence with many events planned and in the making. Our interest lay also with competitive venues such Premades, Arena, World PvP and an aspiration to form a top-notch RBG team.

What to Expect

Within the Undercross, you will find no "elitism." We are a friendly and close-knit bunch for those who prefer smaller and more sociable guilds. And with a perpetual interest in helping one another along, be it gearing, a battleground buddy or whatever else one finds themselves in need of, we guarantee a new recruit to feel welcome.

What We Seek

The Undercross Collective is actively seeking members who are willing grow with us! While currently recruiting players of any level, class and playstyle, we are looking for level nineties with an interest in advancing in Player versus Player content. Arena veterans, to fresh characters. And all skill levels in between.

What We Provide

Beyond the aforementioned sense of community, a bountiful guild bank, guild website/forum and Ventrillo server are provided to make your experience with us that much more enjoyable. We offer guild repair and plenty of activity to go around!

"But, what if I don't PvP?"

Fear not! Being "foremost a heavy roleplay guild" you can still find a happy home with us! While PvP focused, we have not turned a blind eye to PvE content! Dungeons, old world raids, heroics and LFR are all accounted for.

--Currently seeking a Balance Druid, Restoration Shaman and Warlock for potential RBG's.
Inquire in-game, or leave a response and one of us will be sure to get back to you.

Peak Activity: Afternoon/Evening (Server Time).
Contact Information: Hellstern, Sogard, Conlan.
Sounds like an awesome guild! Would join if I wasn't all about Horde. Best of luck with everything *salute*
My gaze falls upon a field of strife
Death lingers over it like a pale light
Bodies lie strewn like discarded rocks
A battle contested and bravely fought
But who has won and who has fled
Nothing I see but just the dead
But out of the mist figures appear
They look at me but I feel no fear
Raising my arm I cry out to be heard
"Harken my friends what is the word"
In reply the leader she yells in pride
"Here we have fought and here we have died"
As they turn to leave I ask for a name
With a twist of her head she looks my way
"Hellstern I am with my warriors true
For the Alliance we fight we proud few"
With a last nod they begin to ride away
Off they go to find more Horde to slay

Just a little random morning craziness before I head off. Join now and you can partake in said strangeness as well. Just sign your name here upon the dotted line and under the banner of the Boss Lady you shall ride. Plus just look at my manly Nelf goatee, how can you say no to that? Become a member and grow facial hair like mine. Unless you're a lady, in which case it might be a bit awkward, minus them dwarf ladies of course.
On an aside, we'd love to see more of your shining faces in Wintergrasp from time to time.
Don't listen to her, I enjoy soloing it. But I guess if you all ask nicely I might let some of you in. You and maybe you, probably not you, the one in the corner winking at me, you can come too.
Avast ye there o' thread of mine
Have a bump at this time
A bump from me,
A bump to you
Where I'm going with this
I have not a clue

Harken here upon this day
Hellstern leads us in the fray
The Undercross is at the fore
Our banners high off to war
Steel does gleam upon the light
For your freedom we do fight
Our lives we give upon this day
Hellstern leads us in the fray

Join the Undercross and live forever in the hearts and minds of the people! We fight to protect our loved ones, our homes, our friends, we fight for the Alliance! Who will draw steel with me upon this day? Who will have the courage to ride into the fray? Sound the trumpets, we ride to glory!

Just some Saturday morning bumping for the best thread ever made. I should probably leave now...Places to be and people to see! *moseys on out whistling innocently*
01/10/2013 10:09 PMPosted by Hellstern
On an aside, we'd love to see more of your shining faces in Wintergrasp from time to time.

Hey, I ALWAYS have a dance party in Wintergrasp and you all NEVER show. :(
Time and place and I am there! We'll shake our hips and stomp our feet to such epic levels that the Lord of The Dance himself shall take notice.

See that folks? Join the Undercross today and dance the night away with us! Remember chaps, the ladies love a man who can groove to the music. You want to have moves like a Nelf? Just sign up and I'll teach you, my young padawan.
200% more cowboy hat
Yeehaw or go home!

*Pokes thread with Claymore.*
Bump for an interesting guild. Looking forward to possibly doing some PVP with y'all in the future.
01/13/2013 02:41 PMPosted by Thyrus
Bump for an interesting guild. Looking forward to possibly doing some PVP with y'all in the future.

Had a few talks with your boy Ambition.
Very pleasant, that one.
Any time you're itching to PvP, give us a holler.
Logged on this evening and had hoped to chat with someone but alas, I could find no one. I am currently rerolling to the Wyrmrest Accord and am looking to find a friendly RP-PVP group (that would be ok with a newer RPer) to get my start with. Feel free to msg me in game, I am online mostly between 7PM-11PM EST weekdays and just about all day on weekends.

Hope to see you in game!
Although I can't officially welcome you into the family, the Boss Lady handles all that junk, I can extend a Nelf hand of friendship. Welcome to our server and hopefully look forward to seeing you within the guild soon. I'm about as new to RP as they come, so I think we'll get along just fine. Whether you decide to stay with us or not, I hope you have a grand ol' time of it here amongst the Wyrmies.

But I do have to ask, can you yeehaw? Hadock and I are forming an elite core within the guild, we shall be the Legion of Yeehaw. Only the strongest, bravest, craziest, sexiest, cowboy hat wearing people may join. We shall answer only to the Boss Lady, Queen of Yeehaw, and carry out her will around Azeroth. If you think you have what it takes to be one of the few, the proud, the yeehaw, then find a local recruiter today and sign up.

P.S. The Legion of Yeehaw may or may not actually exist. It could just be a figment of my imagination, or so top secret that no one, including myself, has ever heard of it before this moment. I'll let everyone decide which sounds better.
college anatomy has distressed my yeehaw badly. I'm not sure if it will ever recover.
01/14/2013 06:03 PMPosted by Talassaran
we shall be the Legion of Yeehaw.

The awesome just made my pants FLY OFF. One minute i'm sitting here, fully clothed, then *bam* pants gone.
01/14/2013 08:53 PMPosted by Hadock
we shall be the Legion of Yeehaw.

The awesome just made my pants FLY OFF. One minute i'm sitting here, fully clothed, then *bam* pants gone.

I'm concerned.

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