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Hey guys <Cuddle Squad> is a newly formed Horde guild, most members previously from an Alliance guild 'Undisturbed Chaos'. This guild is all about PvP, we are looking for decent PvPers that want to PvP more and want to achieve more. We love BGing, arenaing and world PvPing when we can. Also looking to form an RBG team early next season. Please note this guild is NOT a serious guild. We muck around 90% of the time but know when to get serious. PM me in game or mail me if interested. Cheers all, hope to hear from ya.
bump for bigdickdux
what have you done
:P JOIN DAT !@#$
You invaded Stormwind today >:(
01/18/2013 11:24 PMPosted by Pazeurus
You invaded Stormwind today >:(

We tried to give out as many cuddles as possible!
Must share love.
No love for Dux.

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