487 Lock LF raiding guild 8:00 pm st +

I have played since Vanilla, and raided since BC, progressiing though tiers 4/5/6 content on my warrior (At the time, my main) During WotLK, i progressed through Naxx and Ulduar, varying between 10 and 25man modes, before taking a break from WoW for the rest of the expansion and beginning of Cata. In cata i completed ToTFW/BWD and BoT, before again taking a break, returning to clear DS+HM's. In MoP i've been raiding casually, but unfortunately my last guild disbanded due to poor attendance/lack of tanks. currently playing destro because i like the playstyle, if more dps is needed i also play a solid affliction. available any days 8pm ST onwards
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hey we are a guild on frosty looking for a warlock to fill our roster we reformed after we were on gundrak and most of us are 16/16nm and 5/16hm if you are interested hit me up at trippledrop#1642..
Hey mate, Full Throttle is looking for a skilled lock for our 10 man progression team (5/16HM, Wed, thurs and sunday 9-12ST), add me to real ID (Pigeon#1689) or contact Chill, gluteusmaxi or Tagoom ingame if you have any questions.

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