Drop Prot or Not?

I am considering dropping my Protection spec and picking up Holy for my OS. How is Holy overall? How is it specifically for PvE? PvP?
I dropped prot last week for Holy.
I am gearing now.
Lots of new spells to learn and combos...I am a little overwhelmed with it.

But Prot DMG was nerfed so hard in 5.0 that Prot PVP was just no fun anymore.
Holy is great in pvp and pve, also healers are always in demand.

All tank specs were nerfed in PVP (no vengeance in pvp), prot pvp isn't viable unless you want to be a flag carrier.
Lol I never actually used prot in PvP, But according to everyone, Ret is not the way to go. I love ret and it's what I raid with. Only reason I had prot was to get PvE C2A because it seems only tanks ever get it On my server.
Prot is good for soloing old raids and stuff.

Holy is great for PvP and PvE right now.
OK its been about a month since I went Holy.

Building gear and learning spells...

I really have enjoyed healing in Holy spec and the switch has been very good for me.
Holy Paladin is my main, and when I joined the game my first character was a Paladin. I said to myself, like all games I'm going to make a tank, and a Paladin tank. I also said I would never PvP in WoW.

How wrong was I? Very, very wrong. I ended up going Holy and never looked back. They are very good in Arenas and especially in BGs. Like all classes, there is a major disparity in a GOOD Holy and a BAD Holy, so if you want to play Holy, go learn all the ins and outs.

Such as Hand of Sacrificing Polymorph/Fears and using Turn Evil on Psyfiends. It's that kinda stuff that will help you really enjoy this class.

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