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I am new to tanking with a pally and last time i did tank was in BC on a warrior. I was wonder which is better Light's Hammer or Execution Sentence and why? I am using Light's Hammer right now as the added AOE and HoT seem to be most flexible. Not only dose it add to my dps but is also allows me to make life easier on my healer. That said almost every time i am in a city I am told I should be using Execution Sentence but no one can say more then it is better. I will confess yes it dose more DPS and healing but only one or the other and only on single target.

Thanks for your time and Help
There's not really a right answer. When i'm tanking on my pally I prefer Light's Hammer because it has a bit of raid utility and it's great for adds pickup. Even Holy Prism is good for its lower cooldown and versatility. People who say only use ES clearly don't understand the point of talents. Heck, I carry a stack of those tomes on all my characters and I switch talents from fight to fight. Find what works for you and don't be afraid to change it up.
My opinion: Holy Prism.

Light's Hammer is nice, but it doesn't generate threat for you - the Hammer is a pet which generates its own threat and is stingy with it. Execution Sentence is nice for its flexibility, and is strong in both situations; as a defensive tools, it's incredible - and is great on pull for establishing threat a good threat lead.

Holy Prism, though, is flexible, fast, and shiny. Great, self-targeted, for AoE situations as a fairly strong heal and multiple strong holy lasers of doom. Also great for helping healers on bosses as you can zap the big bad, and splash heals to the entire party; useful on a lot of five-man bosses this expansion as there are a lot with tons of party damage - every boss, I think, in Gate of the Setting Sun, for example (except Raigonn, really).

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