PvP "tanking": How to learn from other games

I've been on a pretty long hiatus from world of warcraft, during which I spent about 2 years playing warhammer online, gave SWTOR a try, and then just played a bunch of single player and free to play games.

As it stands in WoW, PvP boils down to damage vs healing with the (not so) occasional CC thrown in to help on one side or the other. Because of this simple 2 way divide, class balance becomes a juggling act between each damage class, each healing class, and then in some cases the individual specs for each class. There's no clear tradeoff, because if class X can do more damage or heal better, with few exceptions, they are the superior choice.

Thus the most interesting innovation, I found, was in defensive classes and their role in PvP. Warhammer online, for example, gave specific damage mitigation utilities to tank classes. Examples included taunt working on players by reducing the target's damage by 30% until they hit the tank 3 times, as well as an ability called guard that transferred half the incoming damage from their selected ally to themselves.

I bring this up because amid worries of homogenization and class identity, some classes and specs are simply ignored as being intentionally unviable for PvP, and are thus abandoned. I don't believe this needs to be the case, and that through the addition of defensive utilities for tanking classes not only can tanking specs be viable and fun in PvP, but PvP as a whole would benefit from the added depth of strategic damage mitigation.

To that end, I present a list of new glyphs/abilities that I believe would at least aid in creating a PvP tanking spec.

Glyph of Sacrifice: Reduces the cooldown of Hand of Sacrifice to 30 seconds, but also reduces the maximum damage absorbed to 50% of maximum health.

Glyph of Shield of Light: Your Shield of Righteousness also extends it's protection to one nearby friendly player, and Bastion of Glory also increases the healing done by Word of Glory to friendly players by (half the amount granted to you) per stack.

Protection spec passive - Reckoning now reduces damage dealt by players by 30% for 6 seconds or until they attack the paladin 3 times.

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