Master of the molten flow achievement bugged?

Anyone having trouble with the sentinel portion of this? Done everything possible with pets, groups, etc. with no luck. People have told me its been bugged since 5.1 hit. I believe it. Anyone confirm this for me or know when it may be fixed? Because I would love to get this over with. Thanks in advance.
Nope, it is broken, cannot be completed at the moment, i myself am waiting on it as well.
Thank god I'm not the only one
OMG, I just wasted hours trying for this. Now, when will it get fixed and how will we know when it is? Very frustrating just trying to find one to pick up your ghoul while it is not on cooldown, then when it finally picks it up and you kill it, it does not give you credit. Arrrgggg!!!!
Just confirmed on spinebreaker that this achievement is still broken with the sentinels. Me and my party member have killed several sentinels while being taken to the lava and didnt get.
still not getting credit for offing a sentinel carrying my grouped party member. posting this in hopes that it will be fixed in the upcoming patch, and because it is the last task i need to earn the Flamebreaker title
it is fixed as of patch 5.2; earned my achievement! thanks to coders who got it working again !!
Curse you Mankrik *shakes fist*

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