Am I geared for heroics?

So I decided to switch specs so my friends and I can run heroics together. I know some gear is not tanking gear, mostly rings and trinkets. I am open to any suggestions on what gear to obtain in order to be ready for heroic dungeons.

I've been running some normal dungeons to get the hang of tanking and I seem to be doing alright
yea ur fine, heroics aren't too hard so I wouldnt worry about it. I think you only need like ilvl 430 for heroic dungeons right? your over that by a wide margin, and some dps stuff doesnt hurt in 5mans. enjoy your instant que's :D
Your rings have perfect tanking stats.

You should reforge your gear, though. Hit and expertise are our most valuable stats up to their caps and you have hardly any.
Other than shield and trinks, my entire "Prot" set is comprised of DPS gear. Haste is actually a really strong stat for Pally tanks - stronger than dodge or parry, and at least as strong as mastery. You should do fine in heroics as you are.
Thanks for replys everyone. I didn't want to rush into heroics and end up being a diaster. So thanks.
btw I'm diggin you transmog

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