(A) Sanctity is recruiting!!

Burning Legion
Sanctity is an Alliance Level 25 casual 10 man raiding guild on Burning Legion. We raid Mon-Thurs night 8-10pm (server time.)

Must be over 18 years of age. This is an adult guild and we choose to play with adults--period. Frankly, we are trying to keep our immaturity from tarnishing the youth of the world if you must know!

Currently we are 4/6 in Vaults and I need more raiders that can commit to these nights, aren't bored of the content and want to participate in downing bosses.

I need at least one more tank, one more healer and some dps.

What do I look for in members?

Don't be a #%@%%*!@. Try to not be too annoying or be easily annoyed. Attitude is important. Gear can be upgraded, rotations tweaked but someone who is unwilling to consider advice is someone we can't work with.

If you are interested you can pst me, Radella or Deeq, or go to our website: www.thesanctityguild.net


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