Hello everyone looking for family type guild


I am hoping to find a good group of players who like playing with each other and not cause drama or as little as possible :). I don't like large groups of low quality players but would rather be in a small guild with high quality members in a family, home-style atmosphere. Don't know if that is possible with everyone busy raiding or pvping but I figured I would post and hope for the best.

A little about me - I have played wow a bit during the Lich King times and went up to right before Cataclysm then came back just before Mist of Pandara. I haven't raided anything in Cataclysm or Mist. I have just started up a Paladin who I would like to make a Retribution spec for now.

While I'm sure a bunch of people say this but I will since it's true lol but I won't cause trouble with other members. I'm a good people person and show proper respect to the leadership of the guild. I served in the Air Force from 2001-2004 so I learned how to live my life with integrity. Anywho enough about me. If you feel you have a guild that I would fit in with then reply or send me a pm and I'll do my best to get back as quick as possible. My play times are normally in the afternoon and/or evening.

Have a great day everyone :)
Yorkle, have I got the guild for you(trying not to sound like a used car salesman). Dark Guardians is a small but friendly guild. Most of the guild are actual family members, but once you join us you become part of the family (we do actually have people in the guild that arent related...lol). A lot of the guildies have alts and we try to help each other as often as we can. We like to run herioc dungeons and trying to start up a raid group. No pressure in having to run if you don't want to. We understand that WOW is a game and RL comes first. If you feel like chatting look me up (Bromforge) the other officers in the guild are Starletta, Krugg, and Camari.....I'll look you up in game in the mean time here is our website:

Thanks for the reply, it definetly sounds like a good guild that I would like to give a shot. I'll log on now and see if anyone is online if not I'll keep trying :)
I also submitted an application to the guilds website.

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