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Any chance there is a mobile app in the works for Windows Phones? Since the Droid and IPhone aps won't work for it.
I second this!
I'm sure there are plenty of peeps out there that would like this to happen, and they just need to speak up.
I agree! I had all the Blizzard apps for my iPhone, then took a long hiatus from the game. I return now with Windows 8 & Windows 8 Phone. I feel like there could be a Mobile Armory for both systems and using the Metro UI would make the apps BEAUTIFUL!! If only the phone, please PLEASE get started!! :)
I would love to have a WP8 Mobile Armory app, in addition I have a Windows RT tablet and would love to see a tablet app.
@ the risk of being banned from the forums for a bit for this necro, I believe we seriously need this. For those of us that do love the windows phone, and also love WoW, we are being forgotten. It has been years that people have been asking for this, but we have not been heard. Even if we don't get a full WoW mobile app, we need a mobile guild chat. For some it is the only way to contact our guilds if we are going to be late to a raid, guild meeting, etc.
With all the new Windows hand-held devices coming out, I support this, as well. Definitely worth the thread necro.
I too would love to see a WP8 mobile armory app.
Why? Why is there no windows phone mobile armory app?
I'd like to chime in here, and also hope that there will be a mobile armory for windows phone.
Completely agree, even if the thread is a bit old. There's still no app, so I suppose any response is still valid. I just purchased a W8Phone and was pretty disappointed to see that Blizzard still hasn't come out with anything!

Indeed it is, but this NEEDS to happen! I just picked up my Nokia Lumia, and now I can't use this app :(
I really want to see the windows phone app soon. Windows phone 8 is one of the best out there. I have used them all and I have no intention of going back to the iBore or a droid. maybe a droid tablet but as my everyday companion, its windows phone all the way. just need to get a few more apps on it and it will be flawless.
The Armory needs to be on windows phone 8. Please.
They really should make a mobile armory for windows phone. It would probably run really nice
Might want to post here. That way it gets to the right place :)
I have me a Windows Phone 8 and I tend to notice that it is the odd phone out compared to the other "ones", lack of apps will never stop people from getting WP8. I agree they should have a wow mobile armory like the others do. I found a fan made app CuteRibs called Wow armory which lets you look at your character but doesn't have the other features like guild chat or AH house. Blizzard needs to get the ball rolling on this if a random fan can make armory for WP8 I won't image it to be that hard to add all the other features. Wow finder is another good app so you don't have to go to wowhead just open app and search.

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