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Guild Name: Valorwind
Level: 25
Theme: War Academy & Heavy RP
Website: valorwind.shivtr.com
Recruiting: All races and classes
Mission Statement:
Looking to produce refined and professional soldiers for the Alliance. The Valorwind Institute inspires in its students the commitment of a true soldier. The Institute’s program promotes the development of the whole person within a strict military environment. Through classes, war-games, instruction, and service; the Valorwind Institute fosters a learning environment where students have opportunities to realize their intellectual, moral, and physical potential. With a strong teaching staff and their training regiments, these students will be made ready for the demands of the Alliance through war and leadership of a rapidly changing world.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Valorwind?
Valorwind is an school [Institute] dedicated to training professional and refined soldiers for the Alliance. Here students will learn to be more than just a soldier, but to be leaders and intellectuals as well. The classes available to them all vary from weapon mastery to defense against magic. Another feature of the Institute is incorporating war games into the life of students. Here they will be able to put the skills, tactics, and knowledge they learn from their teachers onto the field against fellow students. Currently they do not have a set location and hold classes in a variety of environments.

How is the guild structured?
The structure of the guild consists of two branches. One branch for the students and the other for faculty members. Students' ranks are done by seniority, those who attend more classes and complete assignments will find themselves with more authority and responsibilities. This goes same for faculty members, but it all depends on how they interact with the students and how well they do leading events.

How are events scheduled and run?
Most of our events will be starting around 6 to 7pm. Now one thing that we do is we use a roll system in our events [Not all]. If this isn't your style of play then we recommend you find another guild. This system is very simple and not hard at all. More information on this can be found on our website.

What we are looking for?
Our policy has been and will always be, "Quality over quantity." Although, this doesn't mean we'll only accept paragraph roleplayers. On the contrary we are accepting and encourage new roleplayers to join our guild, however, if we don't show any interest in improving then we'll ask you to leave.

Will I be treated like a child or lesser since I'm a student?
Absolutely not! All our students are treated as adults seeing as many have already certain skills, but here in Valorwind we seek to expand on what you know. That being said students handle student affairs. How this is done are through students who have shown leadership and progress will pass down discipline. Though, they have to speak to a faculty member if its a serious problem. More on our student life can be found on the website.

How do I join?
Currently we are allowing people to join the guild just through a simple IC interview. Contact one of the officers listed below:

Looking to fill officer positions. For more details regarding that please contact Thromity via game.

No news except for the continuation of classes and still seeking active members who wish to partake in weekly events.
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Also, would Valorwind care to come to our first Stormwind Guard Seminar?

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