[A] Valorwind, War Institute of the Alliance

Wyrmrest Accord
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02/01/2013 10:55 PMPosted by Xanthion
Welcome to the party Catlin!


And now it's time to level. ^^
Super Bowl Sunday Bump!
It's a shame what's going with Tim Tebow right now. He's not the best QB, but I think he at least deserves a chance at a starting position. I mean he does have a playoff win on his record, and Sanchez has had the most terrible season I've ever seen of a QB with a two championships on his back. I thought he was actually decent too until this season. ANYHOW. RAVENS HOOO~ I GOT 50 BUCKS ON EM. GO JOE FLACCO. GO OUTPLAY MORE HALL OF FAME QBs.
Never a bad night for Throm when he wins money. :)
Hey. Looks like a very interesting guild. Just wondering before I plan out my back-story, is there a specific age range you are looking for? Thinking about making him 15-16, but I won't have a problem making him older.

Also, Bump!
02/04/2013 03:26 PMPosted by Xanthion
... But man, would that be funny to watch.

I would agree. Thanks for the conformation, just wanted to make sure.
Aye, even if you wish to have a storyline involving your parents sending Thromity a letter to take their son or daughter as a student. Or any ideas you may have feel free to run by me. I am always out and about.
Valorwind is fun, but to join you must make fun of Throm with me there IC.

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