[H] Minutemen 16/16 2/12 LF Healer

Area 52
Minutemen is a lvl 25 guild looking for members to raid with us. We're really interested in a healer and would love a Holy Paladin, but are looking for good players who might be interested in trying out for the raid team. It's taken us a while to get the our roster stabilized since Cata, when we lost 3 players, but we've gotten a group of good players added in over the past couple of months, moved some toons around and are now looking for that last member to join the raid roster. We raid Thursday and Sunday from 8-11. We are presently 16/16 and 2/12. Those interested must have experience on current raid content outside of LFR and have acceptable gear (with 5.2 LFR and the ease of 5.0 raids, we don't think 490 is asking a lot).

If you can't consistently make our raid times, we're not for you. However, if you like to have a good time and enjoy making progress in raiding with an easy going group of guys and gals and don't mind the occasional wipe, we may be a group for you.

I can't stress enough that attendance is important to us. We understand things come up, but if you're unable to post that you'll be missing or miss 50% of raids, we're just not on the same page.

Hit me up in game if you'd like to learn more. Walterodim#1946

Also feel free to talk to any member if you're interested in trying us out.
Bump for Lust! Bump for Heals! Bump for Progress!
Haha, my character's name was "Walter O Dimm" on another game. Think you're the first person I've seen to use that name other than me.

And I was Ageless Stranger back in 2000-05
Still looking for that solid healer with DPS off spec
Still looking for a tank and a healer.
still looking
Cool guys, killed Horridon with em last week as they needed a pug. Free bump.
still looking for a tank
in need of heals still
pally and a shammy..monk..or druid
just in need of that holy pally

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