Sheriff vs. Pchef

Never change Korgath...never change.
This thread is a
01/22/2013 06:13 AMPosted by Majinba
retard parade.
Pchef makes the alliance mad.
This whole thread is too much fun.
Pchef would be more impressive if he didn't fight like a damn sissy. That said, he's still good............ for an overpowered class in the best PvP gear available lol.
ilu pchef.
never heard of the sheriff but no one has heard of Pchef eather.
all pics are related to pchef deaths.
oops forgot to post that on my alt hunter which in 1 week got more then pchef has ever gotten.
Omgwintrader...did you seriously just post a pic where I killed you before your 3 friends finished me off? Rez, flag of ownership, ss, hearth. I have sapped every ounce of dignity out of you.
Btw thanks for getting so mad in your stream when I called you a midget that you showed me your driver's license .:D 5'6" isn't "almost 6 feet" and now some mexican dude has your DL number.
You made a character on another server because you couldn't log on korgath without being flamed for being a banned and confessed wintrader(besides having to avoid leaving sw alone because of me) ...but you can't get the Pchef out of your midget bald head so here you me your anger.

Sorry no one watches your stream. I am asked if I stream more times in a day than you have views. I have owned you 1v1 and worse more than I can count. You consistantly show how much I get to you..either by something like this or your "friends" sending me tells loling at how much you hate me.

I win ...give up :)

Stopped reading there. Pchef wins.
Did someone say retard parade??! Am I invited?!

Me too me tooo
LORD SMEBLE will forever be the best shaman on this sever

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