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Hey ya'll. I'm looking for an addon that will show some kind of visual display of the three seconds of SotR damage reduction. If it can do that, I'd also like to see a countdown bar of other defensive CDs.

Any help would be much appreciated.
PowerAuras or WeakAuras.

They let you set up icons anywhere on your screen with timers on them, and you can literally set them up for anything. You just have to know the actual name of the buff/debuff you want to track.

The blogger theck, who is a god amid mere moral pallies, has created very well done weakauras ui with everything you have asked for and more!

He has the export strings posted so all you have to do is download weakauras, copy/paste the string, and use weakauras's import feature to set it all up.

Site also has tons of other info as theck creates lots of sims to model prot tanking. So i would recommend reading them. They are very informative

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