[A-RP] Qimeng Simiao- For the Empire!

Moon Guard
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Imperial Notice, delivered by way of scroll to all corners of Pandaria.

Citizens of Pandaria,

For some ten thousand years now, we have lived without a ruling body. The grand and noble sacrifice of our great Emperor Shaohao marked the passing of an age, and the end of a dynasty- or so we thought. Though our people have thrived, and have had a life of peace and happiness due to our great Emperor's sacrifice- the time has come where he may no longer protect us. The rise of the Sha... these warring people of Red and Blue... All that we knew has been shattered, and truly stands as a blot of ink upon the tapestry of our people.

But take not from these events a sense of hopelessness. For not all hope is lost! Diligent in their charges, the Lorewalkers have traced the bloodline through the ages. Regardless of how much time has diluted it's purity, the Emperor's legacy lives on! We have sought the most notable heir out, seeing him as our only hope for true peace to return- and though living as heir to a dynasty of such proportions is overwhelming, he has answered our call and agreed to set upon the path of claiming this mantle.

Strengthen your wills, people of Pandaria, and lend him your aide. For it is not a task of one- but of all, to see our lands restored! He has served the people his entire life- healing all those that required it. Ever still, the temple of his ancestors has remained open to all who would learn- his teachings shared with Hozen, Jinyu, and Grummle alike. Never has he asked for a return, until now. As he has served unto you- he asks that you serve unto him! Stand with him, people of Pandaria!

-Lorewalker Yu Ming

Imperial Notice, delivered by way of scroll to all corners of Pandaria.

To the people of Pandaria,

It is when we hit our lowest point that we are open to the greatest change. Our people have known this since time immemorial. When pinned beneath the thumb of the Mogu Empire, our people found a way to persevere. The great Emperor Shaohao, granted disturbing visions by the Jinyu Waterspeakers, set upon a journey- and became a man of faith, courage, patience, love, and peace; a man of pure light. And when the world was all but doomed, our Great Emperor found a way to protect us- granting us ten thousand years of relative peace, and prosperity.

I, too, have found myself at a point so low, I thought never to recover. The arrival of the outsiders to Pandaria, and the mass awakening of the Sha... the return of the Mogu... These dangers sought to bring ruin to our lands. These negative influences lead to the loss of both my brother, and my wife; as well, it saw to two of my three daughters going missing, and the changing and eventual disappearance of my nephew. So lost to my grief was I, that it is a wonder the Sha did not infest my being and rip me from the world as others have been. I turned friends away, and hardened to this world.

Yet, in this great grief I found great change. I set out to follow in the footsteps of our Great Emperor. I traveled to temples across the land, seeking the council of the August Celestials. And during my travels, and with the wisdom of the Celestials, I found peace once more. It was at the end of this journey that I was met with... overwhelming news, from Lorewalker Yu Ming. Though there are perhaps a number of families sharing genetic ties... That I would be approached with the knowledge that my family has ancestral roots with our Great Emperor... Truly, I was not prepared for such news.

Yet, it is not something I can shy away from. Our temple has stood in Pandaria for very nearly twelve thousand years; since the fall of the Mogu Empire. Even before being officially recognized, those who founded the Temple held true to the principles that we hold to even as I compose this scroll. To stand for the people. To bring them strength, when they are weak. To guide them, when they are lost. To give them hope, when all seems for naught. To this day, the Qimeng Simiao has stood for our people. I shall amend these principles, however. It is not just our people- but our land that has hit it's lowest point. And so we shall stand for ALL peoples.

Though I have already amassed something of a following, and have taken to accepting the title of Emperor among them- I do not so boldly claim the title of the lands just yet. As you read this, know that I will make my way across the lands, seeking to earn your trust and support. I wish to see our lands returned to the ten thousand year peace- but I can not do this alone. It is only with the blessings of the people that I will be able to unite the land and bring peace and prosperity.

-Emperor Zuchen Baizhou
The Qimeng Simiao, or the Temple of the Enlightened, was founded roughly 12,000 years ago by Qimang Kuang-Manshi, during the time that the Pandaren were still slaves under the oppressive hands of the Mogu. It was first a sanctuary for those that managed to find some sort of freedom in the Jade Forest. As time slipped by more followers came to the sanctuary and words rise upon the four winds of the Pandaren rising up against the horrid rule of the Mogu.

After the fall of the Mogu, and many years after the first Pandaren Emperor, the sanctuary was elevated to temple status. It followed the ways of the Jade Serpent, as she was a beacon of wisdom for the Pandaren race.

We are a bastion for Monks/Warriors, as they make up the field of front line fighters. Though with the failing of the Mists, the doors have been opened to all in order to make sure that it is not only the Pandaren who go on living in peace, but that all peoples find this peace. The temple will also act as the up and coming following of the chosen hopeful Emperor's ascension.

We will be focusing on the RP aspect of Pandaren, with an open door to the other races of the Alliance. We shall also be looking to enjoy PvE and PvP aspects of the game as well. I personally will be looking to get involved with the RP-PvP of the server once again. And I welcome all those that wish to join me.

We shall say this: While we will have a somewhat open door policy in regards to other races, we will be focusing on Pandaren. As such, we can not promise that all will feel at home here. That being said, we do know a bit of everyone on server, and if we aren't quite the fit for you, we'll gladly point you in the direction of somewhere you may find yourself liking more.

Website http://qimeng.shivtr.com/
Current Story Arc

  • Birth of the New Empire
  • Details coming once Arc is underway.

Current Involved In

  • The Dalaran Insurgency
  • Link: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7199404644
    Though the conflict behind these events has little to do with the Pandaren, aspiring Emperor Zuchen Baizhou has traveled to the city of Magi, taking with him a contingent of his temples finest. Primarily battle-healers, Zuchen leads his Mistweavers into combat against the attacking Horde, extending his hand to the Alliance in hopes of one day being able to call upon their aide in return.
Hierarchy and Ranks

  • Emperor
  • OOCly, this is the Guild Master. ICly, this is the aspiring Emperor, and ipso facto Master of the Temple, though he has deferred Temple duties to others.

  • Prime Minister
  • OOCly, this is the Officer rank. ICly, this is the Emperor's trusted council. Composed of Generals, Advisors, and the like, the Council helps direct Temple affairs, as well as the direction of the Empire.

  • Minister
  • OOCly, this is blank rank. ICly, these are people of notable import. Members of the Imperial High Court, high ranking members of various sects within the Temple, etc.

  • Tongyi
  • OOCly, this is the final prestige rank.

  • Wardancer
  • {Requires at least twenty events to have been attended- five of which were lead by the person seeking this rank}
    OOCly, this is on the second tier of obtainable Prestige rank. ICly, these are members of the Empire who have chosen to dedicate themselves to necessity of war to obtain peace. Having spent much of their life honing their combat prowess, the Wardancers are among the finest combatants in Pandaria- said to stand rival to even the Shado-pan.

  • Loreweaver
  • {Requires at least twenty events to have been attended- five of which were lead by the person seeking this rank}
    OOCly, this is the second tier of obtainable Prestige rank. ICly, these are members of the Empire who have chosen to dedicate themselves to academic. Having spent countless hours upon hours devoted to their studies, the Loreweavers are considered among the wisest within the Empire.

  • Soldier
  • Titles: Soldier; Dedicated
    {Requires at least five events to have been attended.}
    OOCly, this is on the first tier of obtainable Prestige rank. ICly, these are members of the Empire who have chosen to dedicate themselves to necessity of war to obtain peace. Oftentimes, Windwalkers and Warriors lay claim to this rank, and see their time devoted to constantly honing their skills.

  • Scribe
  • Titles: Scribe; Keeper
    {Requires at least five events to have been attended.}
    OOCly, this is the first tier of obtainable Prestige rank. ICly, these are members of the Empire who have chosen to dedicate themselves to academic. Oftentimes, Sorcerers and healers lay claim to this rank, and see their time devoted to studies.

  • Emissary
  • Titles: Emissary; Ambassador
    OOCly, this is a mix between a prestige rank, as well as a place for non-Pandaren who don't feel they fit elsewhere. ICly, these are members of all races, tasked with acting as ambassadors for their respective peoples.

  • Citizen
  • The base rank for all Pandaren members of Qimeng. Citizens of Pandaria- and of Pandaria's future Empire.
All admirable hopes. All dreams for the future. And all an inevitability. TOGETHER, we will see them become the truth of these lands. Once more, as in the days of old- each and every Pandaren will rise in the morning not with fear that it will be the last day they rise- but with JOY! Excitement, as they instead look towards the day at hand and -know- that there is no cause to fear, as many do now. Go forth from this council, and fly to the corners of Pandaria! Spread word to it's inhabitants that this day, we set into motion to see the hopes and dreams of Pandaria nurtured to life! That from this day- they need NOT fear.

However delayed I have been in seeing the truth of my promises revealed- it is not without cause. Through the aide of newly gained allies, we will send protection where it is needed. In the days to come, we will begin traveling from homestead to homestead, seeing our people properly taken care of. We will supply them- arm them- and train them.

And when we have seen our people risen- we will look to the Alliance, and to the Horde.

We will not -ask- for their aide in our goals. We will DEMAND their compliance. We have made many friends among them- but they are strangers. And though many come under the guise of aiding- many more cause nothing but strife. They will be made to live as we live- or they will be made to leave. By any means necessary. And when they have gone? We will stand together against the Sha- and together we will see the looming threat of our own emotions abolished! Go forth from this meeting, and stand tall in the knowledge that each and every one of you leave this day to make a difference. To forge an Empire of PEACE AND TRANQUILITY AS OUR PEOPLE ONCE THRIVED IN!

The Lorewalkers will sing a thousand years from now. Five thousand. Ten thousand. For as long as these lands have been without an Emperor- they will sing of the people in this room, and the good they do. And when Pandaria stands as it once did, we will open our arms and embrace the world! And in turn, it too shall know our peace. Stand, and shout to the heavens! LET THEM TREMBLE BENEATH THE RESOLVE OF IT'S PEOPLE!
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We seek to unite our peoples, not split them in civil war. But if you come against us, we will do what must be done to show you the light of our ways. Even if it comes to fighting.
Zuchen and Kuso will have to meet up before calling anything out icly :P
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