[A-RP] Qimeng Simiao- For the Empire!

Moon Guard
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I support these decisions. Mistweaver is best monk spec.

Just a handful of hours away from the kick off of the guild's main Storyline. #excite
Oxpalm, you and I will both get forum vacations if we keep that up. <3. I've been nice all week.
El Bandido Gourdo GRANDE shall relieve your continent of it's dumplings!

All admirable hopes. All dreams for the future. And all an inevitability. TOGETHER, we will see them become the truth of these lands. Once more, as in the days of old- each and every Pandaren will rise in the morning not with fear that it will be the last day they rise- but with JOY! Excitement, as they instead look towards the day at hand and -know- that there is no cause to fear, as many do now. Go forth from this council, and fly to the corners of Pandaria! Spread word to it's inhabitants that this day, we set into motion to see the hopes and dreams of Pandaria nurtured to life! That from this day- they need NOT fear.

However delayed I have been in seeing the truth of my promises revealed- it is not without cause. Through the aide of newly gained allies, we will send protection where it is needed. In the days to come, we will begin traveling from homestead to homestead, seeing our people properly taken care of. We will supply them- arm them- and train them.

And when we have seen our people risen- we will look to the Alliance, and to the Horde.

We will not -ask- for their aide in our goals. We will DEMAND their compliance. We have made many friends among them- but they are strangers. And though many come under the guise of aiding- many more cause nothing but strife. They will be made to live as we live- or they will be made to leave. By any means necessary. And when they have gone? Will stand together against the Sha- and together we will see the looming threat of our own emotions abolished! Go forth from this meeting, and stand tall in the knowledge that each and every one of you leave this day to make a difference. To forge an Empire of PEACE AND TRANQUILITY AS OUR PEOPLE ONCE THRIVED IN!

The Lorewalkers will sing a thousand years from now. Five thousand. Ten thousand. For as long as these lands have been without an Emperor- they will sing of the people in this room, and the good they do. And when Pandaria stands as it once did, we will open our arms and embrace the world! And in turn, it too shall know our peace. Stand, and shout to the heavens! LET THEM TREMBLE BENEATH THE RESOLVE OF IT'S PEOPLE!

Relevant. Awesome post, Zuchen!
Well written, I like it. When Blackmoon returns to Pandaria, we will be more than happy to help. :D
Who the hell keeps reporting you guys' posts o_O?
If they reported mine, then we KNOW they're harassing. It was a post with content, in reply to yours.
Things are going to start flowing. And we're all excited for the patch.
Haters gonna hate. It's sad that someone has so little of a life they feel the need to hawk like this... But, it's whatever.
Haters are going to hate.

Also, wish I was there for the event. But I'm so very glad that everyone enjoyed it.
Good night, thread <3

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