[A] Mattachine Knights recruiting for 25 Man

Mattachine Knights is a guild on Proudmoore that consists of a group of friends who met in The Burning Crusade. Many of our members are from the LGBT community. Our goal is to experience the end-game content while maintaining the close ties of friendship and a strong commitment to each other. Although we aren't a hardcore guild we have progressed quite well with just 9 hours of raiding per week in past expansion. We are looking for raiders who are down to earth, mature, responsible and those who share our raiding philosophy.

Currently Recruiting:
1 Holy Paladin

Exceptional players of all classes are encouraged to apply. For further information, how to apply and in-depth guild policies, please visit us at www.mattachineknights.org

Recruitment Statement:
Mattachine Knights [A] US-Proudmoore is currently recruiting experienced raid members to balance out our 25-man roster for MoP. We plan to push into heroic modes as we have in past expansions on a limited raid schedule.

Current 25 Man Tier Progression: Mogu'shan Vaults 6/6, Heart of Fear 5/6, Terrace 1/4
Raiding Schedule: Wed/Thurs from 6:30pm to 9:30pm server (PST)

Mattachine Knights Raid Applicant Requirements:

All raid applicants are expected to possess the following:
- 18 or older
- A good understanding of your class/spec and an ability to perform on a level equivalent to our current raiders.
- The availability to commit to our 2 nights raiding schedule (Wednesday- Thursday)
- Reliable and stable internet connection.
- Proper gems and enchants.
- Working mic that is compatible with Ventrilo/Mumble.
- Up to date raiding mods (DXE/DBM, Omen, Skada, etc)
updated needs and progression
Update Needs and Progression
Updated Needs and Progression
481 hpally
We are currently recruiting 1 healer and 1 dps for 5.2
Just hit 90 a few days ago. Ilevel 464.
Currently 2/13 on ToT. We are actively recruiting 1 more healer, and 1 more dps.

If you are interested, contact Suriya in game.
Currently just need 1 more dps.
I would love to join however I don't think I'm quite up to your lvl my lock is sitting at about ilvl475 with 3k vp to spend in 5.2 (which is mainly why I'm not gemmed/chanted), and waiting for the BoE BiS to surface. Although I am only 475 atm, I plan to work diligently to come up with a way of getting 480 by the end of the week to do ToT (LFR), to get rep to which I will be able to spend the 3k valor on some Pre-Heroic BiS pieces.

One of the things I think makes me stand out the most is that I'm a guild oriented player. I love helping lower levels with money for mounts, or getting that dungeon gear; or getting the guild through their heroics, scenarios, and lfrs, even doing PvP to the best of my ability to help them get their 10 points in arena.

Cheers ^^
We are recruiting 1 dps and 1 tank/dps. Please apply through our website at www.mattachineknights.org

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