500 ilvl ele / resto shammy LF 25man

Guild Recruitment
Looking for a new home Main things im looking for is ACTIVE

Other then that im pretty open to options perfer a guild been around for over 3mths would love to get into a 5+ yr old

BNET scott#11438
US - Stormreaver - Horde
25 man Raid
Mon/Tuesday/Wed/Thursday, 9:00 pm - 12:00 am (CST/Server)
Out of Line is a 25 man raiding horde on the Stormreaver (US-PVP-CST) server. The core officers come from well established guilds for nearly six years and are looking for dedicated and skilled players for our progression core.

Current progression: 4/16H 25 man MSV 1/6H HOF 4/4TOES

We are a tight-knit group. We are always looking for like-minded, talented and dedicated players to pursue our goals.
If you meet our minimum gear/experience requirements we will give you a shot on a trial basis. If you perform well, interact and get to know our raiders, and help contribute to our guild's success we will consider offering you a full time raid spot. We aren't interested in players that just log on to get loot - we want long term, committed players.

The ideal candidate for a position at OOL is spatially aware, competitive by nature, experienced with the end-game content, patient, mature, able to follow directions, willing and able to learn, friendly and generous. The ability to attend 90%+ of scheduled raids is very important. Use of Ventrilo is mandatory, no exceptions. A working microphone is mandatory, no exceptions.
Thanks for your interest in Out of Line!
Wonka - Wonka#1307
Cyberthug - vincegalgano@gmail.com

Apply at www.Outofline.wowstead.com or feel free to whisper one of the names above for more info and such
I'd love to talk to you. We're currently recruiting Mage, Resto Shaman, and Paladin tank.

SACRIFICE GUILD - www.sacrificeguild.org

CURRENT Progression (25) - Top 65 US, Top 200 World
- 6/6 Heroic Vaults
- 3/6 Heroic Heart of Fear
- 1/4 Heroic Terrace

Previous Progression
- 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul (US 111)
- 7/7 Heroic Firelands (US 120)

Server: Mannoroth (PvP EST) Chicago Data Center
Schedule: Mon / Tues / Wed / Thur, 7:30 - 11:00 PM CST
Loot: Loot Council via attendance + performance

Thezdin - jake.litwicki@gmail.com
Ryechu/Glyscore - jr_renner@hotmail.com
AWOL is a 25 man progression raiding guild on US-Kel'thuzad.


Mogu'shan Vaults: 6/6H
Heart of Fear: 3/6H
Terrace of Endless Spring: 4/4N

Raid Times:

7:30PM - 11:30PM EST Monday-Wednesday

If you are searching for this type of guild, then visit the link below to apply


Any questions can be directly to our recruitment officer directly - Chan#1718
Gamble us 13th 16/16 Hm sun-thur 8-12 est. 0 ele sham it is our highest need atm in terms of recruitment. Realid me at Jaedan#1739. I sent you one but just incase you did not recieve it feel free to hit me up. ~_~


The Family Business is a 6 Year Alliance 25m guild, and we currently have an opening for a Shammy. We raid Mon, Wed, and Thurs from 7 – 11 EST. Progression is 7/16H. Only looking for dedicated core members, so if you’re accepted you will be raiding. For more information check out our thread here or our website. If interested, please apply on our site.


Recruitment Thread:

Contingency is currently 9/16H and 16/16N

US 77 Heroic Deathwing

We raid Mon-Thurs 9-12EST

Materblaster NicholasStrauthers@gmail.com <-- Speak with me Directly.
pls check http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6412495012?page=1

11/16h 10/25M 9 hrs per week T/W/Th 8-11pm est vanilla guild
We've been looking for you for a very long time. Elemental shamans are very hard to come by! These guys are going to promise you the world but we're where you need to be. :D We're currently at 10/16H of Tier 14 and are looking to progress quickly. We completed 8/8H of Tier 13 back in March and have been doing everything in our power to prepare for what is to come in Pandaria. Please add my Real ID or BattleTag so we can discuss things further: Nyoki@email.com or Eva#1358. Look forward to hearing from you!
<Dysfunction> of Kel'Thuzad is recruiting competent raiders for Heroic 25 man raiding.

Guild summary
    Semi-hardcore 25 man raiding guild.
    !DKP loot system.
    Guild level 25

    Tier 14: 10/16 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 13: 8/8 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 12: 7/7 - 25 Heroic
    Tier 11: 13/13 - 25 Heroic

Raid times
    Sunday - Wednesday from 8:30pm to 12am CST

About Kel'Thuzad (PVP)
    Kel'Thuzad is one of the original 43 PvP servers that were opened upon the release of World of Warcraft, and is named after the lich Kel'Thuzad. The server runs at Mountain Standard Time.

    KT usually goes between "Full" and "High" status and is extremely active. The realm has a player base intensely active in both PVE and PVP play and currently has an Alliance to Horde ratio of approximately 6 to 1. It is also one of the few alliance servers with multiple 25 man opportunities, seemingly not being hit by the 10 man exodus quite as hard. Ranked #1 for Population of PVP Alliance Servers

    Quality heroic raid experience while content was current and an outstanding understanding of your class and specialization. There is an expectance of proper gemming and enchanting with current World of Log parses.

    We're currently recruiting for Mists of Pandaria. We're always looking to increase our ranks with veteran and skilled players. Therefore, even if your class or spec isn't listed on our website, feel free to apply!

How to apply
    Website: http://www.dysfunctionkt.com/
    Contact: Memnark, Wuvs or Pi
    BattleTag: Eva#1358
    Real ID: Nyoki@email.com
currently 10/16H, soon to be 11

Basic Information:
Guild: Warfare – http://www.warfareguild.us
Faction: Horde
Raid Schedule: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 6:30pm PST to 10:30pm PST (will sometimes add Sunday's due to holiday's/cleanup etc.)
Raid Size: 25-man
Loot System: EPGP

Recruitment Contact:
Azràel (in-game or via battletag bennehoe#1660)
Sunna (in-game or via battletag kleinekatze5#1155)


Our Expectations

Our guild's fundamental goal is hardcore progression on a relatively limited schedule (3-4 nights/week). Players who fit in well with our guild show the following qualities:

You are dedicated to the same goal as us - progression. You're expected to put forth the required effort to maintain your character in a raid-ready state. This means obtaining the best gear you can obtain with full, proper gems and enchants, and any reputation necessary to maximize your character. We also expect you to show up prepared with full consumables for every raid, money for repairs, and whatever other special requirements the officers set for you.

We expect 90% raid attendance from all raiders. If you have serious, permanent issues with our raid days/times, we aren't interested. Your computer and connection also need to be able to handle both current and future content.

We expect you to fully understand the mechanics of your class. Discussion with other raiders is encouraged, but you shouldn't be relying on others to teach you how to play your class. You must also have a full understanding of each boss fight in which you expect to participate. You should also know what a World of Logs parse is and how to get one.

It's also a bonus when hybrid DPS have a viable raid offspec for those rare occasions when one of our full-time tanks/healers have to miss a raid.


How to apply

To fill out an application, please visit our web site at http://www.warfareguild.us

We look forward to hearing from you!
<Just Crusade> is interested in you! We have an immediate opening for an exceptional ele shammy if you would consider 10m instead of 25. We are currently 11/16 HM.

We are a 10 man guild on Elune (PvE)- that has been around for 8 years.
We raid 4 nights a week Mon-Thus 7:30-11 pm EST.
You would have a core raid spot and would not be a backup raider.

6/6HM - Mogu'shan Vaults
5/6HM - Heart of Fear
4/4 - ToES
13/13HM - Realm First! Nefarian, Al'akir, and Sinestra
7/7HM - Realm First! Ragnaros
8/8HM - Realm First! Deathwing

Notable past progression (pre cata):
M’uru & Kil'jaedan: Pre- 3.0
A Tribute to Insanity (25)- US 67
Yogg 0-lights (25) – US 74
H LK (25)- US 81

We would consider paying for your x-fer if you prove to be an asset to our 10m.

You can reach me in game on Trillian (Trillian#1452), or send me an ingame mail to talk about applying. For more info check out:
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6308610844 OR
If you're still looking consider dropping us an app: http://www.acdsheep.com

I like your Shaman and we could use an Ele Shaman as we are currently without one! We highly value raiders that are flexible in role especially if they already have normal 2pc like you :D

Raid Times:

    * EST - 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays
    * EST - 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM on Sundays
    * Invites go out 15 minutes before the raid begins.

About us:

<Electric Sheep> is a 25 man raiding guild on Kargath-US a PvE EST Chicago datacenter server.

We have a unique mix of a casual approach to the game combined with a serious approach to raiding. We understand that real life is always a priority, but during raids we expect players to be capable, prepared, and communicative. It is this attitude that allows us to make such significant progress in the game while only raiding about 10 hours a week.

Raid spots are given out on a raid-by-raid basis based on whoever signs up for a particular night. There is no set raid team. Progression raid spots are given out based very heavily on merit, farm raid spots are more dispersed to give new members an opportunity to show their ability.

On a personal note the guild is full of great people and amazing officers. The guild is and has been drama free. Everyone is treated with respect by all members of the guild. It can be a great home if you're looking for one

Loot System:

Loot is distributed based on our own version of a zero-sum DKP system that we call Electric Sheep Points, or ESP, that is updated for each player week by week. Items are assigned a cost based on their ilvl, what slot they go in (armor, jewelery, weapon, etc...), and our progress through the tier. As time goes on, the price of items declines, which puts a premium on getting something first, and allows newer players and alts to get items from older content at a discount.

When an item drops, anyone who wants it /rolls and posts their ESP in raid chat. The person with the highest roll who has sufficient ESP to cover the cost is awarded the item. There is no discussion necessary, and no bidding.

You gain ESP by showing up to raids on time, staying the whole time, and for attempts on bosses (so if we don't get any drops you still earn points), based on the amount of points people spend for items that week.

Recruit Policy:

Recruits undergo a roughly 1 month "trial period" after joining the guild, after which a decision to accept or decline the recruit is made. Recruits have normal loot privileges during their trial period, and begin with 5 ESP (which is sufficient to roll for most types of items, depending on progression).

More Info:

If you want to learn more about the guild or have any questions regarding recruitment, please visit our forum at http://www.acdsheep.com or contact an officer in-game. Good people to try are Dibbler, Remain, Alayne, Akorah or ask a member if there are currently any officers online or on alts.

Hope to hear from you soon! :D
Tempest is recruiting!

Server: Bleeding Hollow US (EST)

Raid Schedule: Monday – Thursday, 8pm – Midnight EST. Invites start at 7:40.

Website: www.tempestBH.com

WoWProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/bleeding-hollow/Tempest/rating.tier14_25

Rabid#1960 - GM
Seribus#1348 - Officer
Drovix#1451 - Officer
**Please leave a subject note and do not send blank friend requests**

About us:
<Tempest> has been raiding 25 mans since our formation in early Burning Crusade. We have a high level of consistency, and have constantly maintained a rank fluctuating between 60-80 US 25man over the last 3 expansions. Our goal is to provide a guild where players can clear all hardmodes and have fun doing it. While we take raiding seriously, we also try to provide a fun and relaxed atmosphere during raids. Tempest maintains a no drama policy, which has been extremely successful for us to this point. Causing drama, loot whoring, and other behaviours that create a negative guild atmosphere are not tolerated. Loot is handed out through a loot council system, which is strongly preferred by our raiders to other methods of loot distribution.

Applicant information:
Recruits should be geared enough to contribute to raids, preferably in at least full normal mode t14 gear. While exceptions are always made for exceptional players, it is helpful if players have the gear to immediately step in and contribute to heroic mode progression. We do not expect that all applicants will be at our level of progression; however applicants must have a strong understanding of what to expect from encounters that we have cleared and are working on. While not mandatory, successful applicants should have significant hardmode experience and knowledge of all progression fights. In addition, a thorough understanding of your class and spec, as well as knowledge of how to maximize your character is highly desirable. Applicants should be able to fully commit to our raid schedule and be able to maintain at least 90% attendance. Since we run a small roster and do not recruit for the bench, we rely on our raiders showing up on a consistent basis.

We are currently 8/16 Heroic25 for Tier 14.

Tempest has a high need for the following specs:

Windwalker Monk
Mistweaver Monk
Restoration Druid
Balance Druid
Holy Priest
Shadow Priest
melee dps


While we may not have a high need for your particular class, we are always recruiting good players, and players who know their class and perform well will always earn a raid spot, regardless of whether we are recruiting that class or not.

To apply, please visit our website at www.tempestbh.org and look through the stickied threads in our applications forum. When you are ready to apply, please click the ‘Apply’ button at the top of the page. Your application form will then be automatically posted in the application forum, where members of our raid team will look over your application. This is the place where we will communicate with you regarding any questions we may have about your application, so please check back.

If you have any questions, please contact Rabid#1960 in game and I would be happy to answer them. Thanks for your interest in us and good luck!
We're looking for a Resto shaman addition to our core immediately.

We are currently 16/16 Heroic 25 man (US 8th).

25 man raid times: 8:30 PM - 12:30 AM (EST) Sunday through Thursday (We are farming content now, that means less raid days!)
Loot system: Loot Council
Guild Established: 5/5/2005
Current roster size: 28+

Notable achievements this tier:

* H: Sha of Fear - US 7th
* H: Lei Shi - US 11th
* H: Tsulong - US 9th
* H: Protectors of the Endless - US 7th
* H: Grand Empress Shek'zeer - US 5th
* H: Amber-Shaper Un'sok - US 10th
* H: Imperial Vizier Zor'lok - US 13th
* H: Wind Lord Mel'jarak - US 6th
* H: Garalon - US 5th
* H: Blade Lord Ta'yak - US 3rd
* H: Will of the Emperor - US 12th
* H: Four Kings - US 21st
* H: Elegon - US 12th
* H: Gara'jal the Spiritbinder - US 15th

What you get from Promethean:

  • Knowledgeable guild and raid leadership with 7+ years experience
  • A stable roster (20 people have been around at least 6 months, 15 more than 1 year)
  • Focus on building long lasting friendships in addition to progression
  • Consistent ranking in US top 50 on 25 man heroics
  • Fair loot council system
  • Free repairs, potions, gems, and all enchants
  • Multiple alt runs on off days

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday from 8:30 PM EST to 12:30 AM EST.

Website: http://www.prometheanguild.com
World of Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/27393/
WowProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/malfurion/Promethean/rating.ach

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Zhi on Malfurion at any time.

Good luck with your guild search!

Real IDs/Battle Tags:

The short version:
4 year old guild under the same management the entire time (me!)
25man Alliance, 6/6, 6/6, 4/4 normal, 7:30-9:30pm EST Tue/Wed/Sun (2 hour raid nights = short and fun)
Relaxed attendance requirements (see long version for details)
Casualcore raiding (No one gets yelled at when/if they screw up (unless it's the Ultraxion button, they get yelled at for that), the schedule is light, but raiding is taken seriously and people are expected to perform well and be prepared)

The long version:

<Integrity> is a serious but casual raiding guild, with forgiving attendance, alt-friendly policies, and a focus on raiding for fun while still progressing steadily. Integrity is over 3 years old, with the same leadership over that time, providing a stable raiding environment with a solid, competant core, but are equally welcoming of new members.

We are primarily a WoW PvE end-game raiding guild, but also enjoy all aspects of gaming. We have a minecraft server, play diablo 3 together, tried and quit SWTOR together, PvP together WAY too much, are looking forward to trying out GW2, etc etc etc.

Our 2 principles as a guild are:

1. All our raids are optional, as I've found that the biggest source of burnout is feeling like you HAVE to show up. Take that out, and people just enjoy raiding more. Rather play Diablo tonight than raid? No big deal, we'll still be raiding. Need a month off to focus on finals? Take care of business. Wife/husband talk you into having a kid and you won't be around for the next year? We'll be here when you get back, but seriously, you should have talked faster, kids are a hassle and seriously cut into raid time.

2. Our primary requirement for potential guild mates is maturity followed by competence. If you think trade chat anal jokes or fart noises in vent is funny and/or mature, this is not the guild for you, no matter how good a player you may be. Making sure everyone fits together socially first dramatically reduces the amount of drama.

Progression raids are 25man: 7:30-9:30 EST, Sun/Tue/Wed, alt/transmog/achievement runs on off nights. 2 hours of solid raiding (IE starting on time, no giant AFK breaks, minimal stupid wipes) has proven effective for us to enjoy raiding without feeling like we've been run through a meat grinder. And if you can sit through a 2 hour movie, you don't need a 10 minute break in the middle of a raid.

Our recruitment goal is to have ~30 people online at raid time; we are not recruiting a huge bench for bench's sake. When we have too many people we ask for volunteers to sit (there are always people who show up but would rather do something else that night), then choose people to sit based required raid comp, capability, and who hasn't gotten to raid recently. No priority is given for long-term members or officers. Favoritism, "cliques" and drama are not tolerated.

Progression is currently 6/6, 6/6, 4/4 normal. Our 20 some odd core members are great players, but the more social/casual members who have been filling in those last 5 or so spots just aren't capable of taking things to the next level without nerfs.

As such, we are recruiting hard mode skilled players who also want the flexibility to go on a date once in a while without losing a raid spot, but want a solid, fun raid group when they are available. We are not recruiting warm bodies to fill raid spots, we're looking for quality, mature players to improve our guild.

Visit http://integritygaming.enjin.com/ for more info or to apply, or hit me up on my battletag Helagoth#1919, or in-game and I'll pass you our mumble info.
Greetings. <Death Jesters> is looking for one exceptional player for a core 25-man raid spot. Current level of progression is 6/6 Heroic MSV, 3/6 Heroic HoF, and 4/4 Normal ToES Nearly eight years established, we are the oldest raiding guild on Stormrage, the #1 PvE realm in the US region, and we have a long history that includes many realm first kills. Our raid times are Mon - Thu from 10:00pm - 1:00am EST. Our raids are streamed online and viewed by thousands of people every night. Outside of main raid we do RBGs, achievement and alt runs, arenas, and more.

We pride ourselves on being a closely-bonded guild of mature, exceptional players. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career and are confident in your skills as an endgame raider, you will find <Death Jesters> to be a perfect fit, and we encourage you to apply.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to message any Death Jester officer: Dreaz, Moonfaxx, Sparty (BattlenetID: Sparty#1780 or RealID: spartysmallwood@gmail.com), or email djapps@gmail.com.

Our recruitment information can be found on our forums: http://www.death-jesters.net/boards/viewforum.php?f=3

We wish you the best in your guild search!
<Exile> is the top 25man progression guild on Blade's Edge (PvE-PST). We raid a little earlier than most Pacific Time guilds because most of our raid core is located in the EST time zone.

This raid team is a tight-knit group. Drama is not tolerated in any way. While we do take raiding seriously and care about progression, we like to have fun and joke around as well, so long as it's not hindering our progression. We are typically pretty active on off-nights as well. We have plenty of active PvPers, and we usually have alt runs going for current tier raids.

Raid times are:
Tuesday: 8-12 PM EST
Wednesday: 8-12 PM EST
Thursday: 8-12 PM EST

Current Progression:
16/16 normal tier 14
6/6 heroic Mogu'shan Vaults
1/6 heroic Heart of Fear

Recruiting Needs:

Paladin (medium), Death Knight (medium), Warrior (medium)

Priest (high), Druid (medium), Paladin (medium), Monk (medium), Shaman (low)

Melee DPS:
Warrior (medium), Shaman (medium) Rogue (low), Death Knight (low)

Ranged DPS:
Mage (high), Shaman (high), Warlock (medium), Priest (medium)

and exceptional players of ANY CLASS!! There is always competition for core spots, and we are always trying to push our rank higher. If you think you're a great player, please apply!

Feel free to put in an application at:

I added your BattleTag, so if you're interested just accept and we can chat in-game.
Demise of Burning Blade Alliance is looking for skilled and experienced players to add to our ever-improving roster.

Demise has been around for almost 8 years now. We believe we are the posterchild of consistency and stability. If you're tired of joining new guilds just for them to break apart, check us out!

Current Progression: 14/16HM

6/6HM Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6HM Heart of Fear
2/4HM Terrace of Endless Springs

Past Progression:
Dragon Soul: Rank 32nd among US 25 man guilds with a pre-nerf Spine kill.
Firelands: We finished at 7/7 HM in Firelands, with a US #35 HM Ragnaros kill.
13/13 in 25 man Heroic Cataclysm dungeons, ranked #39 US and #1 on Burning Blade.
12/12 in ICC25, and 12/12 in ICC25 Hard Modes with the US 50th kill of HM LK.

We raid Monday-Thursday 7pm-11pm EST.

Recruitment Needs:
Moonkin - HIGH
Enhancement Shaman - HIGH
Mistweaver Monk
Holy Paladin
Resto Druid
Warrior (Dps)
Disc/Holy Priest
Elemental Shaman
Feral Druid
Windwalker Monk

Any exceptional applicant is welcome to apply even if you arent on our current "need" list.

WoWProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/burning-blade/Demise
Website/Apply: Demise-Guild.Org
Contact: Vishiz#1144 or Buffalo#1753 or LudaKrishna#1644

Hope to hear from you soon!
Hi! We currently have 1 shaman of each spec and would be interested in adding another. We're 10/16 Heroic with a 3% Vizier wipe. If you're interested at all there's a contact battletag at the bottom or you can visit our website. Hope to hear from you soon!

Big Crits is a high-end progression raiding guild located on Sen'jin. Our main goal is to kill heroic bosses as fast as possible while raiding within a 12 hour a week raiding schedule.
Our guild raids Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 7:00pm – 11:00pm CST (Sen'jin server time). Our raiding schedule is much lighter than usual during farm content.
We are currently looking for players that wish to play at a top 50 US 25m and top 150 World 25m level: players who understand the extreme hard modes; the research, skill and preparation required to be successful during a limited number of raiding hours.

Recent Milestones
We have maintained completion of all content while relevant since our inception. Our goal is to improve every tier with Mists of Pandaria being no exception.

- Top guild on Sen’jin; cleared Heart of Fear, Mogu’shan Vaults, and Terrace in the first week
- US 57 Heroic Will
- Sha of Fear US 12 World 50
- Grand Empress Shek'zeer World 24 US 18 25m
- 6/6 Heroic Mogushan Vaults
- Heroic: Four Kings US 46 25m
- Heroic Hagara World 10 US 5 25m
- Heroic Ragnaros world 284 US 97 25m
- Heroic Spine of Deathwing World 266 US 99 25m
- Heroic Madness of Deathwing World 322 US 107 25m
Recruitment Needs

Our current 25 man raiding team needs are:

-non-Warrior Tanks
-Resto Shaman with DPS offspec (preference)
-Holy/Disc Priest
-Holy Paladin
-1 Warlock
-1 Balance Druid
-Exceptional Ranged

All applications we receive will be looked at and considered regardless of our current recruitment needs. If you think you are an exceptional raider and you feel like you can be an asset to our raiding team, we urge you to apply!
Our application process usually takes around 2 to 3 days from start to finish. Our initiate period lasts approximately one month, to ensure both parties are a good fit.
Big Crits Show
Big Crits started in 2010 as a web-based reality series about real people conquering a virtual world. We thought it would be a cool idea to be able to let people see the people behind the characters though a web series. If you are interested in seeing some of the faces of Big Crits, we are currently rolling out season 5 and you can check it out at: http://www.youtube.com/bigcritsguild

Our standards are simple and consistent across all classes, specs, and players. If you want to make it from initiate to member and continue to be a part of our raiding team you need to follow and uphold our 3 philosophies.

1) Play your class well. In each applicant we look for like-minded players that are friendly and respectful, but players that are also able to perform well under pressure.

2) Play well with others. You, as an applicant, must be able to get along with the other people you raid with. That chemistry is very important for progression and new content.

3) Show your commitment to the guild. This is, simply put, just proving to us that you enjoy being here and that you want to be here. A more in-depth description is proving that you are able to be a member of the team: using our guild forums to discuss strategies, maintaining a minimum of 90% raid attendance, and showing up to raid on time and ready to progress.
Want to learn more?
Visit our guild site: http://www.bigcrits.com
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/team/bigcrits

Ready to apply?

If you have any questions about the guild or about recruitment, do not hesitate to message us on our forums or in game/via Real ID:

Sunkisttuna - Tuna#1998

Please add your class/spec to your RealID message so we know who you are!

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