Leveling is great...then you hit BC.

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rofl are you serious? I am 66 before I even leave Hellfire. I am 68 and onto Northrend by the time I do a few quests in a second zone. It's ridiculously fast. You can just quest and queue randoms to 66 before you can blink.
When it comes to leveling, Outland is my Everest.
I used to dislike BC when I only level in Hellfire and Shadowmoon Valley, but then I ventured into Terokkar Forest, Nagrand, and Blade's Edge and ended up loving all three of those zones... so maybe try new areas to level? Worked for me, anyway.
01/07/2013 11:14 PMPosted by Alpharuff
Lol all the cata and wotlk babies saying the best expansion in the game is horrible...

Bc was and still is rubbish! Oh look a different opinion than yours, might want to call the whammmabulance.

Capt. America: I understood that reference!

Well, besides BC still feeling like a grind, it's a pleasant grind compared to WotLK. It takes me forever to get motivation to level my alts past Northrend. That's right, Nesingwary! I'm laying the blame all on you! Darn unsappable/unsheepable mobs...
Northrend is worse and takes way longer than Outland.
HFP is like an alt graveyard
Keep the Darkmoon Carousel buff on you at all times.
Again, I say, you should have been here during Vanilla or BC and seen how the leveling was when you had to walk on foot until level 40, and when you didn't have dungeon finder....
You are all so spoiled and you cry about it. Granted, I wasnt here for Vanilla, but I was here for BC, when leveling was still challenging, it is so damn easy now it's ridiculous, I can't believe people whine about it.

I've been playing since 2005. Many of my experiences in the BC raiding scene remain some of the most epic I've ever had in this game. I still hate leveling through Outland. Everything else I can handle just fine but entering Hellfire for the first time on a character just makes me want to get it over with as quickly as possible.

I suppose it's recalling the mental trauma and scarring from trying to do that zone on BC launch day. Oh man...the insta-respawning mobs at the cauldron for the "Boiling Blood" quest... ::shudder::

Is it the speed of it for you, the content in general, or something more specific?


I simply don't like outlands, the differences between the various zones and the lack of any real transition between them are just jarring to me. I get that that's kind of the deal with outlands but i don't like it /shrug

I much prefer northrend as it's northrend not just a random collection of whatever kind of zones the developers could think of like BC was.
Everything is great - up until Pandaria.

I love BC leveling. It's really the last place that isn't linear. Linear questing sucks.
BC content goes by in a fingersnap if you know what you're doing. Quest until the dungeon finder lets you at the BC dungeons, then run them consecutively until lvl 62-63, then move to Terokkar and quest while force-queueing every dungeon on the list you've not done the quests for. Then move to Nagrand at 65 and do the same thing.

Level 68 comes by really fast. Especially if you know the quest layout well, since you can fly around the zone in a circle, grab 20 quests, and hammer them all out in a second circle, then go hand them all in on the third circle.

Northrend's worse because not only is there 12 levels to gain to proceed, but you're back on rails again and the xp requirements are steeper to meet than the Outland levels.

However, I'm currently having fun levelling a brewmaster monk purely through soloing dungeons. Which I started doing at level 62 or so after doing some healerless rampart runs with guild mates - when I realised I could keep myself up through chi wave and guard easily. Running them solo gets pretty challenging pretty quick, and the experience intake isn't bad at all. In Northrend and have managed Nexus, though at 68-71 I managed to knock out some of the endgame BC dungeons. All the way up to the final pull in Magister's Terrace, even (which I could have done with some patience, but I gave up on the 3rd try because I was wanting to get at the northrend content).

TL;DR - Outland is fine. Northrend sucks. Taking a break from questing to level in more challenging ways can be fun.
I just dungeon spam with guildies or RealID friends from 60-85. Until I stop rolling tanks or healers, I never have to set foot in Outland, Northrend, or any area of Cata except Hyjal to replace a few Wrath dungeon pieces for LFD. ♥
[quote="75913371591"]Is it the speed of it for you, the content in general, or something more specific?

Speaking just for myself, I liked it a lot. Despite starting in Wrath, BC will always be my favourite expansion, Nagrand my favourite area, the Raven Lord my favourite mount (don't have it yet heh) and Blood Elves my favourite race.

I did, however, get stomped to death by the Fel Reaver a few times out in Hellfire. That did kinda make me want to rage quit. You see I was playing on a crappy computer and had to have either monstrous lag, or my settings so low I couldn't see the damn thing coming.
Cata(especially Deepholm) is the worst ever leveling experience. Number of times I wanted to punch my monitor is uncountable.
01/07/2013 11:16 PMPosted by Vanarela
I agree.

I can get done with BC very quickly, but Northrend takes forever.

Oh, what this game has fallen to. We judge the quality of questing by how quickly we can complete it?

You know, questing is what apotheosized this game originally. It was heralded as the first "every man's" MMO because of the questing experience.

And now we beg and plead for Blizzard to make questing easier and easier, faster and faster, some even asking for the leveling process to be removed entirely.


Everyone wants what they want RIGHT NOW....and once they get it, they QQ on the forums how Blizz is ruining the game. I don't get it either.
01/08/2013 02:43 AMPosted by Irøh
Cata(especially Deepholm) is the worst ever leveling experience. Number of times I wanted to punch my monitor is uncountable.

I agree.

But since the shoulder enchants on Therazane rep are no longer there, and the levelling goes so quickly now, you never have to step foot in there again.

Should be level 83 by the time you're done with Hyjal, especially if you stopped to hit each dungeon once for quests. Then you can go straight to Uldum.
Hellfire Peninsula is my least favorite zone in BC content, the rest is okay (Nagrand is my favorite zone in TBC by far). But you only have to do it 10 levels at the most. But if you really want to do as little BC content as possible, go for the Loremaster of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms on the toon you are working on (even if you already have those achievements). That should get your character to at least level 66. And you would only have to tolerate BC content for two levels.

If it's the amount of time it takes to level through that content, trust me, it's a heck of a lot quicker than what it used to be when TBC was relevant content.
01/07/2013 09:42 PMPosted by Trashman
Leveling through BC era content makes me what to delete WoW. That is all.

I love bc and northrend did not like cata 1 to 60. Wish they would bring back the orginal 1 to 60 content as well, made me enjoy adventuring, I liked zone hopping as well. I hate link in the chain questing one to 3 at a time with set reqired order. it bites. WoW did outland right.
I love Hellfire Peninsula, and its music.

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