Leveling is great...then you hit BC.

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On my monk I lvl'ed so fast just by herbing and dungeons I skipped most BC LK and Cata content within a days time. I actually tried to slow down on lvling a bit to catch my professions up.

I don't understand how some ppl think it's hard to lvl, you gotta be kidding me. Lvling hasn't been hard since classic and I'm happy about that lol.
I stall in bc simply cause I've spent so much time there -.-
If I had the choice, I'd do Outland twice if it meant I could get to 90 without having to do Pandaria leveling zones.

Yes, yes, it's all very pretty, but I... er, dread going to Dread Wastes. Too many mobs. So close together. So much health. Why, Blizzard, why?!
01/07/2013 09:58 PMPosted by Drunktank
I like Northrend because it's nostalgic and the music is excellent. That said, I cleared BC running each dungeon once and questing all the way through Hellfire. Did the same in Northrend, and... well, I'm over halfway, now.
Northrend is one of my fav zones because the lore and music and undead stuff around. Too bad I lvled to fast on my monk to enjoy some of it lol. Seriously lvling is so damn fast.
I like Outland.

Give me 20 quests at a time that are all within the same third of the zone, and I'm happy.

Pandaland is annoying - "Here, have 3-4 quests at a time, sure you can pick up some from other camps, but everything is far away and a lot of things are chained so you'll just have to go back to that camp in a few quests from now - oh, and you can't fly, so have fun with that."
I'd rather level through Northrend twice than BC content once.
Also, NR music is sooooo much better!!
01/07/2013 09:42 PMPosted by Trashman
Leveling through BC era content makes me what to delete WoW. That is all.

BC's lore is amazing, if you have to enjoy the content, not rush through it.
having leveled only this one toon, ive enjoyed both. but if i had to do it again i think id like BC over northrend.
Nagrand is your friend; specifically if you play a skinner.
01/08/2013 05:37 AMPosted by Zephinism

BC's lore is amazing, if you have to enjoy the content, not rush through it.

Go kill boars

Go loot 8 wood 8 metal

Go collect 12 vials of blood from orcs (which are 25% drop rate).

Collect 30 parts of a zeppelin.

Oh my, the lore is just amazing!

People still do Hellfire? Run Ramps at 58, get the quest rewards, and move on to Zangamarsh :p
I completely loathe BC. Outside of the raids, I don't understand how anyone could have possibly liked that expansion.

The only problem I have with wrath is you can't leave at 78, like you can with everything else. And once you hit 77, those last 3 levels seem to take forever.
i seriously dungeon from 60-85 because im so sick of that content
I would dungeon from 85-90 also but its so damn long
On this guy I dungeoned 1-58, then quested the rest of the way.

IMO, the worst is leveling is MoP and Vanilla. BC wasnt bad because it was fairly quick and the environments were awesome, WotLK was bad, but the environments were awesome, Cataclysm zones were fast, but MoP just took forever! It took me 5 hours and 45 minutes to complete level 86, and about 4 hours for the rest of the levels, just grinding out quests as fast as possible.
BC i try to get passed as fast as i can..
northrend is a lot more pleasing to the eyes..the graphics blew away BC..
BC felt like too tooney and bland for me..

northrend the artwork was much more detailed and paid attention to...
The only section of BC that I really dislike is Hellfire Penn so I level in dungeons from 58 to 59 and then move to Zangarmarsh.
I completely disagree. The BC zones are my favorites, and I actually take my heirlooms off during them because otherwise they go by entirely too fast. Northrend, on the other hand, I cannot flipping stand. I despise it. Even dungeoning through it is horrible, because you get stuck with UK and Nexus for half of the time you're there. *headdesk* (I mean, geeze, at least let us maybe get the BC heroics during the 70-71 level...) By the time you get to the good Northrend dungeons, you're about to level out and get shunted into the Cata ones.

With a few exceptions, I don't think I've ever done a zone in Northrend that I was excited to get to do again...a few individual quests, perhaps (Bridenbrad, the Tournament), but not an entire zone. On the other hand, I get goosebumps when I get to go into Hellfire, Zangarmarsh, and Nagrand. (I can take or leave Terokkar, SMV, and Netherstorm...and Blade's Edge can go die in a fire. If there's a worse zone in all of WoW, I don't know where it is.)

Interestingly enough, with the new super-sped-up leveling, the three zones I like are usually the only ones I get to do before leveling out of Outland anyway...so it works out.
If I could, I would live there.
Agreed; hate going through BC. At least I get good nostalgia going through Northrend. BC is the worst.

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